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How This Will Work

On the 2nd Tuesday of each month, we will begin our new challenge. Why the second Tuesday? I want to remove any anticipation or anxiety of “starting something new” on the first of the month or a Monday when we typically begin new things. (How many times have you promised yourself you’d start after the weekend or next month?) When we do something differently than we had in the past, we show up without expectations giving us a true clean slate.

All activity for the 10 days will be posted in the Facebook group. Any material that I share with you will be organized there all challenge long. I strongly encourage you to share your experiences/questions/insecurities/etc with us in the group. It’s a non-judgmental group and we are here to support you through the good and bad.

Each day during the challenge period, I will provide you with something to help get you moving into your goal.

Our Club is only focused on the 10 day period. That means after it's over, you can just take a nice break from trying something new because you know we'll be starting up again next month. Rest up, buttercup.

What You Can Expect

The 10 Day Challenge will move you through what was, for whatever reason, impossible or improbable, for you to accomplish on your own. You will craft up your own unique goal and each day take a little tiny action that feels good to you. By the end, you will have accomplished something that you hadn’t before. And maybe you’ll keep doing it on your own after the challenge is over. What you will have discovered was an access point to what was once undoable.

As such, there is no rush or competition. What you choose to do in your 10 days, it’s yours to own. Once you start journeying, you may find that you want to tweak your goal or maybe you’ll finish early. Who knows? Journeying on the heart can take us to unforeseen places.

What This Is Not

It’s not a 10 day challenge that I prescribe exactly what you need to fulfill a specific goal.

It’s not intended to accomplish massive projects that require the proper amount of strategy, planning, and resource planning.

It’s not intended to be a substitute for consultation or in-depth education.


Each 10 Day Challenge is $10 which is automatically renewed every month until you decide otherwise. Easy peasy.

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