10 Day Jump-Start to Clearing You Out: September 20, 2018 to October 20, 2018

Momma, do you feel like this:

  • unsure what to do next, where to take your life

  • have recurring dreams

  • physical body wants to inexplicably move

  • feelings of frustration because life has stalled in some ways

  • had a difficult time transitioning into motherhood (at any stage: pregnancy, birth, 4th trimester)—not to say you didn’t recover—but you felt the trip-up or fell hard at a point

  • longing feelings of something more deep within yourself: soul searching, seeking meaning?

  • trying to find yourself?

If you feel any of them, you need to clear out your energy system. And I'm mean scrub. Not just a little light dusting is going to hide the fact you have about 30+ years of it packed in there holding so much that you no longer need.

cleaned bear

Would you rather feel these things?

  • like a conscious and methodical mom

  • clearer in mind

  • able to make decisions

  • easier to be present and in the moment with your child

  • have creativity return

  • like you can progress in your business or line of work

  • able to follow our heart

  • receive signs from angels and guides to help you along

  • grounded—like your two feet are firmly on the ground

  • spiritual gifts open or expand

  • be confident making decisions big or small

  • easier to be in tune with your child and their heart

  • really know and understand your child's needs

I am working on a way to lead mommas through the process of getting clear. I'll be there to tell them step by step what I did to get clear and how to do it too. This is stuff NO ONE TALKS about. But we will. I'm also going to support them along the way with advice and guidance as they embark in the new territory. It will be a very personal experience.

I have first-hand experienced the massive impact of this work because this is exactly what I did (repeatedly over the past two years--and still continue to do). Other moms have gone through my protocol and had some massive transformation happen in their lives! And I want it to start working for you too!

Yes, what a wonderful experience. It was a challenge, as I’d expected, not just physically but also mentally, emotionally and logistically! But wow, the results were more dramatic than I ever expected. And the support along the way was absolutely phenomenal. Thank you so much Nicole! Xxxx
— Anna Clarke-Storey

I am looking for highly committed mommas who will complete the 10 Day protocol. The actual process will take 11-12 hours total over 10 days. It'll be 1-2 hours on Day 1 and about 1 hour every day after that. The prep work will probably add on another hour or so; I will load you up with tips on how to best do that.  Know that these times not set in stone. It's my BEST recommendation for you which leaves wiggle room for you to decide for yourself. 

AND super important to know, you will not need to lock yourself alone in a room during that time. You'll actually be outside walking and can throw your little one(s) in the stroller.

My goal within the 10 days or after is that you will begin to feel something like...

  • a wider sense of ease, less friction in the day to day

  • there will be some letting go of issues or triggers in your life

  • a nice feeling of being able to breathe comfortably

  • more awareness for things about you that you didn't know or remember

  • being more calm, grounded, or even-keeled (even through the nutsy moments of the day)

  • a new gentleness on yourself

nicole karon tampa
 Me in action as i got started on one of my walk/runs one morning. Beautiful skies, palm trees, a perfect place to clear out my energy!

Me in action as i got started on one of my walk/runs one morning. Beautiful skies, palm trees, a perfect place to clear out my energy!


What I'm Including in this Program that runs Sept. 20 - Oct. 20:

  • My 10 Day Guided Process You'll get specifics on what's in this process, what to do, how to handle that "uncomfortable" stuff that comes out, guidance on grounding, expanding, and clearing out, and more. You can pick which day you start your 10 Days from Sept. 20 - Oct. 20.

  • Preparation & Execution Tips This where I cram everything I've learned to make this journey easier for you: how to fit it in your schedule, what to wear, planning the 10 days, etc. I will give you all I've learned after almost two years of serious clearing out.

  • Pop-up Live Office Hours to Ask Q's Remember the days when you could drop in at your professor's office and talk to them? This is just like that. I'll just hang-out and wait for you guys to show up with your questions or issues of what is making you feel unable to do it. And if we miss each other, see the next point below.

  • Email support Get your q's answered, amp up your confidence, or work though whatever is tough for you. I want to know how you are doing. I want to know where you feel unsure, curious, or just plain lost. I'll be here for you every step of the way. I'm offering email because I know that sometimes we don't feel comfortable bearing our souls to people we don't know well in group settings. Privacy and confidentiality are always honored.

  • "Energy Work 101" Info I'll give you some basic info from my own perspective to equip you with a different or fresh look at what it is, how you know it's working, how you know you need it, and how does it feel to experience it

  • Daily Check-in During 10 Days. As an option, you can choose to give me a daily check-in during your 10 days to keep yourself committed and on track.

  • I want to hear your own personal plan. I really do. Once I lay it all out, I want you to do the planning and then share it with me. Not because I don't trust you, but because I know the more we really make things tangible and real, the more likely we are to see them through. I won't be judging you or grading you. I am simply helping set you up for success. I want to celebrate and be excited with you!

So so so much has shifted from a short period of time and I credit this clearing out. I made a decision on my sons daycare. I wrote a book (like literally start to finish in the 10 day period), and I started to feel better about {going} back to work, among other things.
— Jennifer Savage

I am so excited to help you reap the many, many benefits of feeling energetically clear and amazing in your heart. I want you to have the most open and full heart possible for both you and for your little ones. And to do that, you have to get clear.

Your little ones need you to be clear. They need you to hear what's between the lines. They deserve to have us be our best, whatever it is that day. We might make mistakes along the way in motherhood, but using our heart, we will never make a decision that we regret. 

To join the 10 Day Jump-Start, it's only $80.

Not sure if you should? Listen to what these moms said when I asked what they'd tell you if you're on the fence:

"Just do it. It provides clarity you don’t even realize you need."

"I would say accept it and go with it. Just allow all what you feel and it’s amazing journey."

"Above all, go with your gut feeling about whether this is right for you at this time. And know that if you make the decision that is it, that everything you need will fall into place to help it happen. Oh, and also that it's not a strict follow it to the letter programme, you can make it your own so it works for you. And that you will be supported every single step of the way, if that is what you need from it."


Q1. Can I start on any day I choose?

Yes, you can pick the day when is best for you to begin. A weekend might be great so that you can get that first intense day in while someone else takes care of little one.

You might not be mentally ready start for a few days. You will likely want to get familiar with the process, plan your days in advance to make space in your schedule, and other prep activities so that your 10 days run smoothly.

I built support in for 30 days, so that you can plenty of time on the front-end without feeling rushed and disorganized. I want you to go into this with a clear plan and head.

Q2. I'm not in your timezone. Will that be an issue?

No. Even if we are world apart and you can't catch live office hours, you can email me your questions and I'll take care of you.

Q3. How much time will this take? I'm busy (and overwhelmed) as it is.

Day 1 will take 1-2 hours and Days 2-10 will take about 1 hour each. Total of 11-ish hours total. These time estimates are my BEST recommendation, they are NOT set in stone. It will ultimately be up to you to decide and committ to something that works for you.

There will also be an additional hour or so for you to prepare your plan before you jump in.

I will be equipping you with a bunch of info on how to prepare yourself to take on this unusual challenge. And I'm talking about real-life stuff. Limited time, other responsibilities, etc. I'm giving you everything I've learned to make it easier to do this while living a very real mom-life.

Q4. Is everyone joining good at clearing out their energy already?

Nope, that's why they are joining. This is designed to help those who feel the nudge to come with me to clear it out. I'll teach, guide, give you advice, and anything else that helps you. If you have been thinking this sounds pretty cool or you are just feeling a magnetic pull, you should seriously consider it and come along. Trust your knowings!

Don't forget, this is NOT something most moms are doing. You will be in the tiny majority! :-)

Q5. My little one isn't one for a stroller or long walks. Does this mean I can't participate?

No, it doesn't mean that at all. Listen, first and foremost, if you have a will to do it, you can figure out how to make it happen.

Here are a few ideas...

-Go to the gym with treadmills and leave little one in childcare

-Start on the weekend for Day 1 and then you can do shorter walks for Days 2-10 with little one in tow

-Day 1 is a long outside hike/walk somewhere that you can use a carrier

-Go for a test walk to see how your little one does in a stroller

That first day needs to be the most intense. If you can plan that day to give you the most outlet, that will be a huge win. Following up with something at home that can be challenging for Days 2-10 will probably get your good benefit.