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My life’s mission is to teach others how to follow their heart.

When we know how to follow our hearts as a mother, we can unlock so much information to apply to our lives and our baby's too.

I have been on a quest for over 20 years mastering following my heart. It's a daily practice of being in tune and knowing how and when to act on ideas. I've read a lot. I've studied a lot. And I've channeled and intuited a lot.

This amazing melding of study and experiences has lead me to my current and most rewarding endeavor yet--motherhood! And it's just as wonderful for me to SHARE the message that I have been given about this current generation of babies being born, TEACH other moms what they need to know, and HELP them unlock their own abilities.

So please come in, take a look around. No matter where you are financially, there are resources that will help you along. Yes, I have both free amazing information and paid offerings that will lead you along you and your little one’s journey. 

It's truly an honor to share this stuff with the world. I am bringing the new kid to the block, it's the latest way to parent using your heart and energetic principles. It's cutting edge parenting and self-development.

We are all made of energy and there are ways to preserve, take care of, and work with that energy. The same is true for our LO’s and our homes. It all works together to create and support a high vibration for optimal learning and self-development. 

My work doesn't require 3 hours of meditating or journaling every 2 hours from you. The techniques and processes don't need any knowledge or previous study about metaphysics, chakras, yoga, etc. The techniques are easy to use, often you just follow along listening, and deep energetic shifts can happen very quickly. (If you watch my free healing "Being a Good Mom" you'll see me yawning a lot--that's my body processing energy on the spot, that's how fast it can be.) So if you are totally unfamiliar with talk of energy work, stick around. You'll learn what you need to and I make it easy peasy. YOU. CAN. DO. THIS.

I fully trust that if you landed here on my site, it was for a reason. Trust that too.

The work I do draws on energy technologies Matrix Energetics, energy healing principles, and other work I intuit in. Additionally, I pull in coaching techniques (certified life coach of five years), meditation, real life experiences, and ALWAYS function from my heart. I work with an attitude of possibility, no limits, creativity, imagination, and ease. I teach my clients what I know and lead them to follow their own hearts. 

With me, you are on the fore-front of grounded, deeply transformational, gentle, and loving living--which includes mommahood and parenting. It's beautiful in its simplicity. 

I'm so incredibly glad that you are here. I hope you'll have a good look around, explore my writings and videos, and let it just wash over you. You and your little one need this info; I truly hope it inspires you and brings magic to your life!

On a super personal note...

At home, my two favorite people are my little dude (who is 3 already!!) and husband. We love spending time out in ocean water soaking up the sun!

Mommahood <3

Mommahood <3

P.S. If I got to pick a superpower... I'd choose to place my hand on your shoulder and have your heartbreak, sadness, feeling alone, and hopelessness melt away. I'd replace them with feelings of love, acceptance, hope, and confidence. I want you to come home and find you. xo.

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S1:E13. "Can you really follow your heart when making career decisions?"

S1:E13. "Can you really follow your heart when making career decisions?"