Baby Protection Process

Now that you had your baby-bration with your baby, you may feel a new sense of closeness. And with that closeness, you might feel a stronger will to protect your little one.

On your pregnancy journey, the next step I recommend for you is to PROTECT your baby. I’m talking about protection from negative energy, harmful will of others, and other bad gunk that exists out there in the world.

We want for our babies to have the best start possible which to me also means we want to shield and protect them from any bad juju that’s out there.

We also want to protect them from having their delicate, shiny, brand new energy taken by those seek to remove the light from the world. 

Don’t worry, you absolutely have the power to protect your baby and it’s a simple process.

Read the steps first before giving it try.

Here’s how to protect your baby in the womb:

  1. Optional. Dispose of unwanted ick. Get rid of any energy that is making you feel jittery, off, or anxious by moving your body to get rid of the stagnant energy in your system. Some ideas for you to do this: dance around to get your heart going a little, shake out your body (head, hands, legs, twist, arms, get moving) for a few minutes, go for a walk and take in the natural sounds and views, or after your workout is a great time too.
  2. Feel How Tall You Are. Stand up, feeling the height of your body, hands on your hips or held together behind your back. Or if you must sit, sit up tall with the soles of your feet touching the floor. Eyes can be closed or open.
  3. Envision light. Imagine a column of energy coming down on you. Maybe it’s white, maybe it’s rainbow, maybe it’s one color. Whatever color comes to mind is perfect.
  4. Make-believe a fence. Imagine a wrought iron fence around your womb or mid-section. This fence is equipped to bounce anything harmful that comes towards it back out. 
  5. Optional. Add a prayer of protection. You can also call in for any beloved family member or friend who crossed over to help. And if you’re wanting some angel power, Archangel Michael is often called upon for protection.
  6. That’s it. Take a breath and know it’s completed.
  7. Repeat as needed. Repeat as often as you feel you should for your baby. 

You see this process is simple and completely customizable. Go with the flow. Whatever “idea” pops into your head while you’re doing this, trust it has come for a reason. 

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