Special Baby Program

The babies that are coming into the world (and have been arriving since August 8, 2015) are coming here with important work to do. To do this work, these kids need YOU to help them.

They will not be understood by many. Teachers, adults, other children, and anyone else who touches their lives may not understand their needs and in return, the children will feel totally baffled.

As I understand it, they are incredibly articulate and know with precision with they want which is off-putting to most people in the world. They are greatly powerful and capable. You, Momma, need to protect their glowing hearts and intentions so they can become all they came here to be.

They need your guidance and clarity to help them by being their advocate, understanding their needs and wants and providing them with the link to the world they will need in the early years.

With the proper set-up from the beginning, you can learn how to deeply connect with your child to provide them with the best start possible so that they can become all they need to.

How do you know if you are carrying one of these babies?

  • Fate or  "coincidence" brought you to read this page. I don't believe in accidents. Everything happens at the perfect time and we are lead to the exact information we need.
  • You already feel like there is something really special about this little one. Yes, a lot of moms feel their baby is the most special one out there, but there is a unique nudge in your heart about how special yours is.
  • You or your partner are an empath (you unexplainably pick up on other people's emotions or feelings even when you don't want to) or are intuitive (you know things that are completely not logical or rational). It doesn't matter how much or little you understand these gifts right now. If you can relate to either, you're likely in.
  • You read this page and were like "YES! This resonates with me so much. I don't have a clue why, but it feels so right."


My own baby is part of this special and unique group and so I have been blessed with an incredible journey. It's my mission to help mommas understand their own babies and help them be part of this too. Our babies need us; the world needs us. As moms, we are tasked with preparing ourselves and setting a bright light on their path so they have little resistance along the way. Their work will heal and change the world. And it will start at a young age.

We can't short-change them of the experiences opportunities they came here to have.

I don't know if you know this or not, but your baby choose you. You were chosen to be their mom and to help them carry out their work. Yes, you can absolutely do this.

There are three important pillars of knowledge that are essential for supporting these babies:

  • Communication is a two-way street and starts really early in life
  • Your Momma Tool Belt can be equipped with various techniques for creating positive experiences through conception, pregnancy, birth, and beyond
  • Clarity of mind and energetic body is required (yep, required) as part of self-care for you, Momma

I want to dive into these pillars with other moms who need to know this information! What I bring to the table is not studied from a single source; it's the result of being a highly in-tune light worker mom and experience with a child of this group. It's cutting-edge yet simultaneously ancient wisdom.

I'll be working with a limited number of mommas helping them to prepare for their special baby.

Details About My Special Program

  • Three 60 minute sessions (via videoconferencing) to teach you 1-1...
    • All about communication (it's a two-way street); why it's important, how you do it, the ways it can assist you both
    • Techniques for creating really positive experiences and methods to keep their environments (physical and energetic) clear 
    • How to self-care, even when you totally reject the need or notion (I absolutely was guilty!)
    • These will be recorded so you can go back and study/review it, as needed
  • Because of the cozy set-up, you'll be able to ask questions along the way, practice techniques live while I assist you, overcome  the hurdles you feel you're facing, and a lot more. You and me. You will be well taken care of, I assure you.
  • All this for $210 (can break the payment into two, on request). Please know that this price is only for the next five spots in the program.
  • Special notes: 
    • Sessions will be scheduled for weekends
    • The three sessions must be used up within eight weeks

Ready to start? Please read the Terms of Agreement before checkout.

If you wish to have the payments divided into two, please contact me.

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