Passing On More than Just Your Eyes

This is Part 2 of another post, "When You Don't Feel the Bond with Your Baby."

Let's address #2: The energy and emotions that occur prior to delivery will be in your baby's system.

We are collections of life experiences from this current time and past. We are collections of beliefs. We are collections of other's people's energies.  

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I was cleaning out my son's room (again) trying to simplify and reduce. I came across a silk scarf and was thinking about a blog post I had seen about great open-end toys; scarves were on the list.

A scarf could be so many things: pirate headpiece, the ground for a round of make-believe with toy animals, a princess skirt, an apron for kitchen time, etc.

As I was recalling the many applications of a scarf, something came up in my system. 

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Two Bad Spirits & My Returned Flow

Come Monday, I checked on my phone after a client call. I had one missed call and voicemail from a friend that I hadn’t heard from in at least eight months. Her voicemail left me frozen. She and her fiance visited a B&B for a romantic weekend and purchased something at the local flea market after. Unfortunately, they got way more than they ever bargained for. Something terrifying came home with them and they had multiple experiences of this spirit in their home within a 24 hour period. She came to me asking for help.

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