Passing On More than Just Your Eyes

This is Part 2 of another post, "When You Don't Feel the Bond with Your Baby."

(A recap if you didn't read Part 1 yet): It was inspired by an episode from "Empty Nest."

I watched an episode of "Empty Nest" this morning where Carol was freaking out that she didn't feel a bond with her baby when she was four months pregnant. She checked off 20 physical symptoms that indicated she was having the perfect pregnancy.

But then she turned to that page in her book.

The one that said at month four, you should feel a bond with your baby now.

She didn't.

And she freaked.

She stumbled on her mother's diary and found an entry that marked the day she found out she was with child. She said it was unexpected. This cut to the heart of Carol. She suddenly felt like she wasn't wanted.

Spoiler alert: there was another entry later in the diary that was a note written to Carol saying how excited she was to meet her and how much she already loved her.

Whoa momma.

So two things here:

  1. A bond with your baby can happen at ANY time. Discussed in Part 1.

  2. The energy and emotions that occur prior to delivery will be in your baby's system. More details below.

Let's address #2: The energy and emotions that occur prior to delivery will be in your baby's system.

We are collections of life experiences from this current time and past. We are collections of beliefs. We are collections of other's people's energies.  

It's not just an egg and sperm that come together. It's the energy WITH that egg and sperm that come together to form this baby. And as you accumulate life experiences from the time you find out the big news until delivery, you are actively adding onto that pile of energy.

The good side of passing on energy is that you pass along things like generosity, bravery, kindness, abundance, creativity, etc. The uglier side of passing on energy is that you pass along things like possessiveness, fear, trauma, lack, hardship, negativity, etc.

Acknowledging and addressing the energy that accompanies your child is really important to their start in life. I know I did everything I could to give my baby the best start and know you are too.

You wouldn't not think of being prepared for your baby with the softest blankets, cuddliest bears, and the sweetest books. 

Tending to the energies of your baby gives them a powerful way to come into the world pure and best equipped to fulfill their heart and soul's purpose.

How about THAT for giving your child the best life possible?


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