Your may know from experience that when you clean out a drawer, room, closet, car, or anything else, you feel so much better. You feel clear and open. You can finally breath!

There's a reason for that. Clutter is the junkpile of energy!

Clutter is a physical representation of any of the following:


-Holding on to the Past

-Not Being Truthful with Yourself

When we tend to the amassed stuff that has collected, we are finalizing a lot of energy. When that stuff is present, it runs on our energy in the background. Think of it like you computer. Even if you aren't actively running it, things like your operating system still draw on the battery and are functioning. Clutter is exactly the same. Even if you aren't in the same physical space as it, it is causing a leak within your energy system. That leak shows up as stress, worry, anxiety, avoidance, tireness.

How to deal with the clutter

Two approaches. First, just without notice, jump in. Tackle a drawer, top of your desk, or stack of magazines. Second option, schedule it in. Make an appointment with yourself and a garbage bag.

While you are decluttering, say to yourself "I am clearing the energy." "I am making space for peace/tranquility/ease." "I am making space for new good things."

Be real with yourself. Are you really going to wear that again? Do you love it? If you haven't touched it in ages, then you probably don't really love it that much. Chuck it and go on. Recycle what you can and garbage the rest. Wait! You could sell or donate it? See next point.

Selling stuff takes energy and time. Are you really going to post it and then have people meet you or come to your house? If that makes your toes cringe, just move on.

Donating stuff takes energy and time. Do you know exactly where you're going to take it? Are the drop-off hours convenient for you? Is it close? (I've seen that a lot of the clothes we donate get sold to companies who recycle it or sell it over seas. Just FYI)

I know, sometimes it's heartbreaking to throw out perfectly good stuff. It breaks my heart to think how much trash we just leave for the earth. One solution is to stop buying so much. Buy really good quality things that will last and that you'll love for a long time to come.

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