So you have some questions about how Drops of Life work or what it will be like? Great! Take a look below to find your answers.

+ What exactly will I need to do?

  • You’ll want to sit someplace that is quiet where you won’t be interrupted. A place that you can close your eyes and relax. Once the recording begins, just allow your heart to be open to receive and relax. Let yourself notice the thoughts, ideas, and maybe physical sensations in your body. After it’s over, you may want to remain seated and just soak in what happened. Otherwise, you are free to get up and move on with your day. The convenience and ease is the beauty of these remedies! Each recording will be sent with directions, so you’ll be well prepared to make the most of your experience.

+ How does it work?

  • You know how your favorite song just DOES something to you? Shifts your mood, triggers emotions? It’s kinda like that. When you listen to the recording, you are activating it for you. The energy is tipped off and voila. If you’re wanting a more science-y explanation… it’s quantum physics. Everything is light, information, and lots of possibilities. Your body is made of cells which is nothing more than atoms which is nothing more than protons, electrons, and neutrons. I just play with the energy at the most basic level. When you listen to the DOLTM, your energy is connects with the energy I created.

+ What will I feel while I listen?

  • Everyone’s experience is very different. I’ve never had two people have the exact same experience in the eight years I’ve done this work. You may feel emotions well up and release. You may feel heat coming from your body. You may feel SO good. You may feel absolutely nothing at all. All are perfect and you shouldn’t judge or worry about how you experience it.

+ What if I don't feel anything or notice a change?

  • You are still receiving the benefit. Think of a pond that your throw a pebble into the middle of. It takes time for the ripple to get to the outer edge. If you threw a pebble in and then asked a frog at the edge of the pond if you threw it yet, he’d say no because he didn’t see the ripple wash up to the shore. But if you give it a few minutes, he’d agree that wave made its way to him.

+ Can I buy these for clients or friends?

  • You absolutely can! In the form below, let me know the name and email address you’d like it to be sent to. It won’t be activated until they listen to it.

+ Are these good for only one time?

  • Nope, you may listen to it over and over and still receive a new benefit each time. If it’s in your heart to listen again, go for it!

+ What exactly will I be getting?

  • Instructions
  • 1-2 minute long audio recording
  • Two images of your DOL bottle.
  • One for your phone to tap into its energy on the go (great for a lock screen!)
  • One for you to sit and contemplate with (more details to connect with)