Flash Heart Help

How amazing would it feel if you could receive a pearl of wisdom or help on a specific issue that is making your stomach turn, feeling completely frozen in place, or thinking “I have no clue what to do?”

Your wish is my command, my dear!

I’ve created a way for you to get on-point support from me that will help you feel better AND move the energy for change.

My work, with its gentle strength, will soothe your heart. It integrates so much with your own system that you may not even notice the shifts of change occurring. (Remember reading a book SO good that you were surprised to find you were suddenly half-way through? It’s like that.)

What You’ll Get:

  • You’ll receive a video in which I talk to you about your situation. I’ll intuit and coach; giving you the words you just need to hear (maybe it takes shape as comfort, encouragement, confirmation, or inspiration, etc).  It will get you thinking and feeling a little differently about your circumstances. That’s what we’re aiming for—the subtle shift in your approach to your situation. By shifting it even a tiny bit, we open a world of possibilities of answers!
  • You’ll also receive a little something to move your energy. I’ll advise on you on how and when to use it.

Here’s an Example of How it Works:

After adding FHH to her shopping cart, "Jill" completes the form answering a few questions that clues me into what is bothering her (which only takes a few minutes). She completes payment. In return, I send her a link to a video like the this:

Jill watches the video and then listens to the recording I sent her. She then listens it again at the suggested times for repeated exposure for the emotional and energetic changes. 

Jill tells her friend Mary (who had a little lamb) she realized how much what I said really hit home. And she felt like her issue wasn't really an issue any more; it felt good to understand the change she was going through. Mary said she noticed that Jill didn't text her complaining about Jack over the past few days. Jill was kinda blown away because Mary was right. Wow, she didn't even notice she stopped griping about him. Something had changed. [That's what my work is like; the shape of it is SO natural and easy that it fits like a glove. You have no idea how you got where you are, but it feels really great!]

Your experience may be different than Jill's, but you can expect that this Flash Heart Help will change something about you and your perception of what you can or want to do about it. 

Turn-around time: I'll get this back to you within 2 days (48 hours). 

By making this purchase, you agree to the Flash Heart Help Agreement. Because of the super personal nature of this work, no refunds are given. Please make sure you really want it. :-) 

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