Follow Your Heart Everyday is a warm place to retreat; it's where your heart feels home. You are surrounded by 5 other like-minded women who want more for their lives and are making it happen--by following their hearts. They value quiet-time, different perspectives, and the chance to play with possibilities. They are sweet, kind, and eager to love and support you. Like you, they are called to make a difference in the world. They are in-tune with their own heart and respect the journey you are on.

Operating from this oh so lovely and respectful place, the group has an amazing energy to it. You can celebrate and we'll celebrate with you. We won't be jealous or resentful. You can ask for help. We won't judge or make you feel stupid. You can just be present and not having anything special or painful to share. We won't think you to be under prepared; in fact, we'll value your honesty showing up as you are.

I bet you don't have any other place in your life to turn to where there is zero competition and judgement. And I bet you don't have many places that you can be 100% of the real you all the time.

My desire for all clients is to not only learn how to follow their heart, but then to live in their heart continuous so they return home into the life they are meant to be in. And I know that practicing or living continuously in one's heart requires support. And that's exactly why I created these groups. You need to be surrounded by like-hearted people so you can be successful in this endeavor. 

We raise each other up and offer shelter or comfort when you need it.

Ready to join?

Follow Your Heart Everyday Includes:

  • Six (6) bi-weekly hour long live video conference calls with the group and me
  • Facebook community for celebrations, help, support, and a dose of you-can-do-it love when you need it

By making your purchase, you are agreeing to the Follow Your Heart Everyday Terms of Agreement. This includes a no-refund policy, so please be sure it feels right to join before submitting your payment.

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