There is so much more available to you than just talking to your baby. You have the power to RECEIVE their wishes, wants, and requests! Using this gift, you can change the course of your pregnancy (birth experience, too!) and begin to deepen your relationship from these early days onward. My "Guided Meditation: Connecting with Your Baby" is a great tool for helping you to do just that!

Don't be intimidated by "guided meditation." It's easy and enjoyable to follow along. I make sure you're comfortably seated and then we're off using imagery to get the wheels turning! My work may be light and bright, but it's highly effective at tuning you into your own heart.

Guided Meditation: Connecting with Your Baby

This special experience will help you quiet your mind and then tune into your sweet baby. You'll have designated time to freely interact and engage your little one!

The +12 minute recording absolutely requires no previous experience of meditation to follow along successfully. If you have an open heart and eager ears, you'll do beautifully!

You can use this meditation over and over to spark conversation with your little one throughout your entire pregnancy.

The download will be immediately available to you after purchase. The link is only good for 24 hours after you first click it. PLEASE save it to your computer after you download it so that you can listen again and again!

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