Here's what a client said after her clearing...

I've always been keenly aware of the environments I live in and how they shape my thoughts, feelings and experiences. Working with Nicole to clear our home took this awareness to a whole new level. I began to think in terms of the container that our home provides us to create the life we want to live and the clearing work helped me to see how we were both literally and symbolically 'closing the door' on our dreams.

After the clearing, I had a felt sense of empathy for our home as if it was a valued member of our family who we had neglected. As my understanding of our relationship to our home shifted I began to feel a new feeling of potential rising with me and an energy and excitement to show her the love she deserved, rather than using old excuses for why I couldn't invest more time and money to repair what needed fixing or spending more energy making her look beautiful. Nicole has a gentle and inspiring way to guiding you (and your home) to new levels of joy, ease and love.

-Siobhan McAuley, Just Say Yes

A space clearing is a powerful way to clean up the energy of the space you spend all your time in! Not only does the home hold the energy of all the people that come in and out, the property has its own energy it holds. With a specific intention at the start of the clearing, I'll go into the rooms and work my magic to rid of the energy that needs to go. I'll refill your home with love, balance, harmony, or whatever you'd like! Each session is purely unique, two clearings are never the same.

Rates start at $150. Please contact me for a quote for your space (home or business)! I'd love to make your space feel more like home for you--a place that supports your new direction and development in your life!