Finding out your pregnant can be quite the experience. Emotionally, it might feel like a crazy long roller coaster. Some women have tried for a very long time and the news is a relief filled with anxiety of "too good to be true." Some women don't expect it and are full of surprise and disbelief. Some women are really happy. Some uncertain. There is no right or wrong way to feel. Each woman has her own initial reaction and then it continues to unfold over many weeks or months.

After that initial reaction settles in, the list of "should be doing" starts to grow. All the important and unimportant tasks that you think you should be doing starts to get out of control. In no time at all, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and loose sight of the real reason for the journey.

A baby is coming.

YOUR baby is coming.

How special and amazing is that. You can't even wrap your head around it, I bet. This tiny creature who will forever change your life is coming.

And you want to give your best effort to your little one, don't you? 

To give your best, you need to have some form of intention and focus on what really matters. Your time and energy are precious (it can be a very tiring time in life!) and so should be spent in ways that will return to you exponentially.

Here are four of things you can do to create a wonderful and meaningful pregnancy:

  • Have a "baby-bration." This is about creating and having a special ceremony to connect in with your little one.
  • Protect your baby from bad juju. There's a lot of it flying around. Taking care of this can be a quick and easy process by intention setting and energy work.
  • Take care of yourself. Truly honor what you want and need during this time. Don't gloss over your own wishes. Fully live this experience with your whole being. Need a massage? A walk? Time spent working on emotional issues from your past? Alone time? Unlimited possibilities here.  Which leads me to the last tip for now...
  • Follow your own heart. No one knows you or your baby better than you do. You are the expert of both. As such, you will know things, just feel them in your bones, that don't make sense to the outside world. And this advice should be applied to all parts of pregnancy from what and when to eat, which healthcare provider to select, what you "must have" for when your baby arrives, and so much more.

Ready to get started with this list? Here's how you can:

  • Have a Baby-bration
    • Set aside a few minutes and turn off the world. Sit and talk with your little one, heart to heart.
    • Or, if you'd like my detailed instructions and print outs for this deeply connective ceremony, join my list to have the info
  • Protect Your Baby
    • Set the intention that people with strong opinions or negative attitudes will not impact your baby before you go into a work meeting/family visit/or other stressful circumstance
    • Or, if you'd like to use the process I used when I carried my own little guy, see the button at the end of the page to get all the details
  • Take Care of Yourself
    • Pick one thing that you really need or want to do and schedule that in for this week. Do this regularly (weekly or monthly).
  • Follow Your Heart
    • Pay attention to your conversations with others and follow through on your wants or intuition when you are tempted to do what they advise or want

There you have it. Four ways to make your pregnancy better for the two of you AND easy-peasy ways to start working on each of them.

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