Energy Session (Individual) - approx. 1 hour (give or take)

Come join my space that's deeply changing and transformative. We'll lift your spirits, clean out old useless gunk, and get you on your way to feeling more grounded, confident, and clear in your mind.

The main intention for all my healings is to ground you, clear out old energy or begin to unplug the back-up, and lift old beliefs out of your system that no longer aid you.

I use a mix of techniques using my own inner compass to serve your highest good at the time. We may do a grounding ritual, run up through your chakras, talk to your guides, a guided journey to find the pieces of you that are misplaced, intuited belief work, shake up your DNA, shift some patterns of the energy within your field. So many possibilities, no two sessions are ever the same.

As a mom, I don't have much time alone to make space for these big sessions during the week, so they are scheduled on the weekends (morning and early afternoons Eastern time zone). After I get notice of your order, I'll email you to set-up our time together via Skype. 

Included in this purchase, is 2 weeks after the session to email questions to me as you integrate what we did. Sometimes it takes a while to feel or realize the effects and I'll be there to answer your questions (should you have any) as you process it all.

If you're wanting on-going regular support, that is available. We will work on your energy management plan together as the first step in that direction.

Personal Energy Healing Session
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