Hello & Welcome!

After watching (and participating) in this hour long class, you are going to feel clear and confident of your road ahead (even if you don’t know how that road will be built). You’ll receive a breath of fresh air that will refuel your tank as you step further into your journey.

You’re going to walk away with…

  1. Knowing the ONE thing you must do differently in 2019 before attempting any life change (and a resource on how to do that)

  2. Time spent dumping the contents of your busy and full mind to gain peace and calmness

  3. An experience with your angels/guides/spirit team to give you intel and encouragement

  4. A new tool to test to what degree a change in anchored within you

  5. Clarity and attunement on what is in your highest good to place focus and intention on for the upcoming year

I created a workbook (access here) for you to use in following along and play. If your favorite pen and journal are your jam, then rock on with that.

Please leave your comments and questions in the comment section below on this YouTube page where I’ll get back to you!

Lastly, if you would like to talk with me about possibly joining the Clearing Journey (Premium or VIP) , contact me and we’ll set-up a time together. Don’t worry if we’ve never met before, if your heart is calling you, I’ll be there!

Enjoy & Lots of love! xo