Energy Healings for YOU, Momma

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$8 for one healing a month. 

That's it.

$8 to feel refreshed.

$8 to feel grounded again.

$8 to feel confident.

$8 to release your momma worries.

$8 to feel like you know yourself again.

$8 to feel clear in your mind and heart.

$8 to feel like you're back in your body.

Each healing will be different both in topic and how you release the energy for it. You'll be able to listen to them over and over and reap (different) benefit every time. 

As a bonus, you can join me in a secret and private Facebook group where you can ask q's, share experiences, and meet other moms who are walking the same path and also using this amazing thing called energy work to help them along.

You'll be part of the new wave of moms who are educating and preparing themselves for this awesome ride with their little one. 

I'm opening the doors to this new group with a 3 healings plan that will last 3 months. Over the next three months, you'll have access to one newly intuited healing each month. And because I totally know what it's like to be on a mom schedule, you'll have the freedom and convenience to listen and do them whenever the time is good while the plan is active. 

You don't have to know or understand how energy works to benefit from my work. You simply listen along. You'll want to be in a relaxed place or you can do it while walking. You just need space where you can be you without worrying about judgement from others. Everyone can do this. (Don't worry if you can't meditate or have never done anything remotely like this.)

Typically my healings range from 5-20 minutes, it just depends on what wants to come in. Understand that what wants to come in is completely unknown to me right now, but will reveal itself to me in perfect timing for our group. These healings will address things like doubt, brain fog, embarrassment, connection to ourselves, anything that prevents us from doing what we came here to do, inability to manage time, correction of position of our organs, the issues we have with our own mothers, lack of confidence to mother, birth trauma (future or past), sadness, disconnection with baby or self, inability to bond with baby, etc. So you can see the wide span of possibilities here. I can't know for sure what will come in and down for us, but I do know that they are powerful and so good! 

Please know this--using these healings doesn't imply you are a hot mess. But hey, maybe you are and that's ok, but the point of them is to heal you wherever you are. There is no shame or judgement in my house. We all are here to grow and develop where we need to, which is different mom to mom.

The next group will begin on February 1st, 2018.

I don't know exactly how this will unfold each month, but I fully trust it it's going to be so healing. I've been doing these kind of healings religiously on myself for the past year and can tell you they have tremendously helped me feel so much clearer, stronger, and confident. I honestly don't know where I'd be without the energy work I've done over the past 15 months.

I've been doing energy work for almost 10 years. It's this new application that I've really honed in on and really want to share with you right now.

The time is now. Both you and your baby (or infant or toddler) need you to clear out that emotional, physical, and other gunk that you have pent up. Doing these clearings are going to open you up to be so much more in-tune with yourself and your little one. 

$24 will cover you for three months.

To make sure you get in here with us, because I know deep in my heart that you need this, I'm going to give you a month to try it out risk free. If you don't dig it in that first month, I'll refund you 100%. You just need to email me before 30 days after your first healing is dropped. 

Let's get healing and transforming, shall we?

Shortly after your purchase, I'll send you an email with all the details to get in and started. Can't wait to see you! xo

Mommas Group Healing (3 Months)
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