You feel like your own energy needs some TLC. No matter what you do, you just feel a little funky, just not like your clear self. It feels like you’re wearing a blanket or holding your breath. Maybe there’s just a knowing you need some heavy lifting to get the gunk out.

The session can go a million ways because each one is completely different—no matter how many we have together. Like the flowing river, you are never the same twice.

During the session, I’ll help you expand out, ground down, clear and heal the energy centers (chakras), perhaps take a journey to claim pieces of your soul that have scattered about, and play with your energy for the best possible outcome! I might grab some crystals that are calling for you or a bottle of an oil to amp things up, too.

Some clients feel physical or emotional shifts immediately and others require time for processing to feel the shifts and benefits. Either way, you are getting big shifts in its own perfect timing.

These sessions are great for the occasional clean-up or on-going regularly scheduled maintenance. Depending on the energy, sessions run 45-60 minutes.

I perform these Skype sessions only on the weekends (EST). Once I receive your order, I’ll follow-up to schedule with you.

Personal Energy Healing Session
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