“The gigantic transformation I have experienced in the last 6 months has been tremendously amplified by all things Nicole”

Nicole is MY sidekick, y’all. And trust me. She couldn’t be more right when she says, “You need me.” You do. We all do.

The gigantic transformation I have experienced in the last 6 months has been amplified tremendously by all things Nicole. Her precise combo of coaching, energy work and being tuned in (like only Nicole can be) will sky rocket you into other dimensions so that when you’re back in this one you know just how to soar.

–Deana Welch, Energy Healer of DeanaWelch.com


"Everything seemed effortless, easy and possible."

Ready to challenge the way you think about what’s possible? Hire Nicole – now!

The first time I worked with Nicole, I knew there was something different about the way she worked. Everything seemed effortless, easy and possible. There was a palpable sense of potential that we tapped into and which we began to co-create from together. Having experienced a lot of different energetic modalities myself, I knew I had struck gold with her. Nothing ever felt so expansive and free and that first session launched a whole new direction for my work. I was so blown away by Nicole’s ability to zero on what needed to be addressed and to turn it into an opportunity, instead of a block or problem to be solved, I hired her on to work with me AND my clients. She is now a valued member of my team and I regard her opinion highly. Nicole is my very own Deanna Troi, and I love her!

–Siobhan McAuley, Teacher, Speaker, and Mentor of StirringTheSoul.com 


The women that I've worked with are the fuel and inspiration for doing more of what I came here to do. Each one found the answers that resonated with her heart and then life was magically a little better.



“She's my secret weapon.”

I joined her small group Energy Raiser with the intention of moving forward on several “stuck” projects and removing old mental blocks. I was often amazed at her uncanny ability to see where I was and somehow move me forward. Sometimes it was the energy work itself, and sometimes it was her shifting the focus or perspective on what I was experiencing thru her kind and intuitive support. She’s my secret weapon. Nicole even predicted that I would find unexpected money and just a couple weeks later I received the oddest call from the state tax department informing me that I was due a rather large refund from several years back. Totally unexpected and yet totally right on the head, which is what you CAN expect from working with Nicole.

–Heidi Risse, Owner of SoapWorksStudio.com 

“Nicole is an absolute rock-star.”

Nicole helped me realize that I was blocking my business growth by surrounding myself with all of life’s to-do’s after a move to a new state. She helped clear my mind and helped me realize how to prioritize my personal goal of getting settled in a new place, as well as my business goal of continued growth! She reminded me to disconnect and let the ideas flow. As I ocean-stroll, the ideas are pouring in! Nicole is an absolute rock-star. I’d recommend her services again and again.

–Chelsea Bond, Owner of ChelseaBondJewlery.com


“...helped me to pull stuff from inside me that I didn't know I had”

Nicole was amazing to work with. She was able to guide me through some tough life topics and helped me to pull stuff from inside me that I didn’t know I had. I felt very comfortable talking to her and I looked forward to our sessions. Everything felt very personalized; if something wasn’t working for me, she would try until something clicked. I still use some of the techniques we discussed. I highly recommend talking to Nicole for guidance through life’s challenges.

-Colleen B.


"...received divine information for me"

I have recently moved to California and have spent a lot of time looking for a place to live. In early the November I found a house that I thought was ‘the one.’ A few days later I was messaging with Nicole – she didn’t know anything about my house hunt, in fact she didn’t even know yet that I was moving, but she said she had received some information on my behalf when she went to do an energy clearing for me. The information included hearing a music box playing “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” from Mr. Rogers and the messages “You can do it! Go for it!” and “Keep your ears open!”

The next day I was doing a card reading for myself with some angel cards and spirit animal cards and I pulled an angel card that literally said “Go For It!” and an animal card (Walrus) that said “Remain vigilant about your current situation; pay attention to signs and omens and let them dictate your choices.” Well I decided to put an offer on the house. And guess what? I didn’t get it. In fact that house got 3 other offers before mine and ended up selling for more than the asking price. BUT in the process of preparing for the offer, I got all my financial documents in a row, and was ready with my down payment, so when the right house did come along, just a few weeks later, I was ready and moved quickly.

And now, Dec 19, I am getting ready to move into my even-better house with a nicer yard and neighborhood, at a lower price, just in time for Christmas!

Obviously Nicole received divine information for me that was confirmed in my own card reading, and everything worked out for the best. Thank you, Nicole!

-Becky O.

“I felt lighter and freer”

Nicole is a caring, intuitive coach who seamlessly uses metaphor in her unique way to “unlock” the mysteries of her client’s minds. She took a situation I was struggling with and painted the perfect metaphor. “Seeing” this vision significantly helped me clarify my issue and move forward. I felt lighter and freer and couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome.

-Shannon S.