VIP Momma Info

Hey, Sunshine! Yes, regularly scheduled time each month to help you along through your pregnancy, birth experience, and even into your fourth trimester (post birth!).

So you're ready to step up and be the best momma you can be to this precious little one who is incredibly special. I mean, coming into the world crystal clear and ready to start their purpose early?! Amazing. 

Your little one needs you to get clear by addressing and get rid of the energetic gunk within and around you. You're in the right place to get the understanding and teachings you'll need to become energetically ready and emotionally solid to become what you need to be for them and yourself. With such huge hearts, these babies need you to be able to receive, interpret, and act on their behalf. Being clear and in-tune with yourself is part of the path in doing that.

The VIP Momma is targeted to mommas who hear this message from or about their baby loud and clear and really want someone to guide them along the way. Someone that recognizes the help they see around them is insufficient, lacking depth, and real meaning. Perhaps you have no experience with using your heart or intuition, but are feeling a major pull right now. Or maybe you have studied different energy healing techniques and now feel called to have someone help you use the most of your already existing gifts and help you discover new ones to apply to motherhood. The bottom line is that VIP is for mommas who feel really called to get themselves and the space around them clear for their baby's arrival!

Being a VIP Momma means that you'll get my 1-1 attention. You'll hold a place in my heart and then lots of stuff from my bag of tricks to help you to help your baby! Here's a glimpse of what my magic might look like for you...

  • 2 video calls a month to talk about the stuff that is bothering you that no one understands, learn and PRACTICE energetic techniques for your pregnancy and birth, talk about spiritual changes you're noticing within yourself, etc
  • Email help with that THING is just irking you and you need some outside perspective or support for nerves before appointments
  • Regular space clearings for your home to clean up the energy around you
  • Birth place space clearing (I will whip up some magic so that the place you will birth with be energetically clear assisting you with the birth and be a really warm entrance for your little one)
  • Energy work for you and baby (pre and post birth)

You might want me for the entire pregnancy or just the last trimester. My support comes in 3 month increments ($1800 per 3 months). 

I'll teach. Coach. Do energy work. Inuit. Guide. Offer possibilities to get you out of your perceived limits. Cheerlead. Pick you up.

I'll get you to your super confident self to grow, birth and raise this incredibly special baby.

I won't take just anyone on as a VIP. It's crucial that I have the right kind of client to bring my A++ game that VIP's deserve. Please send an me an email to get the ball rolling. Talk to you soon! xo