News Sprung From Baby Email Readings

Thank you so much for responding to my call for volunteers. I really am so grateful for your support and trust to have a conversation with your little one!

There were several moms who contacted me too who have kids that vary in age from a few months old to several years. And as I read their messages and questions, I was filled with a sense of uncertainty of how I would go about this.

When I do readings and connect with these souls in womb, I have a whole process I run through and my vibration goes way UP to get that communication. That's different than how I connect with my own little toddler's heart; I access that through my heart and use the pipes or channel that is there to carry messages back and forth from momma to child.

I want to help you get your own answers to your questions, so I'm going to have a Masterclass to teach you this invaluable skill. For you, my volunteer, I'm offering you a free seat at the table when it's finished. 

--> To let me know you'd like to join me for this amazing class, please hit REPLY to the email I sent you and pop in a note for me to add you to the list. I'll follow-up with you when I have the details for it finalized.


lots of love,