3 Day Challenge to Relive Pieces of Yourself

As Celine Dion once sang, "It's all coming back to me now..."

I'm opening up a free 3 day challenge...let's find the pieces of ourselves that we once had that made us feel amazing. 

Celine's song has been "plaguing" me for the past few days. I finally played it while in the shower and this challenge came in to help us all heal a little. Let's do it! If you haven't done too much energy work lately (or ever), this is an easy way to get in touch with it. 

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Podcast Interview on the Magdalene Voices

My friend, Mariaestela, hosts a very deep thinking and talking spiritual podcast, The Magdalene Voices, and so when she invited me on, I was flattered—to say the least! (You’ve heard of Pam Grout—the author of E-Squared?? Yea, she had her on before!)

I was so excited to do this podcast with Mariaestela to talk about the spiritual side of pregnancy and raising babies (I use that term "babies" loosely--they will ALWAYS be our babies no matter the calendar). I sent my husband and little one out breakfast so I could record peacefully. It was a great time and she asked such good curious questions about the realm of my work.

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My Parenting Guidelines: What Are Yours?

Free Workbook to Figure Out Yours!

I want to shine a light on your parenting guidelines today.

What are those, you wonder?

I believe that we all use a personal set of guidelines for living with our children. What we have established as our place of “rules” is a mix of our own personal experiences (filled with good memories to maybe even hurtful difficult ones), what we’ve researched, what we’ve used that we had success or failure with, what we’ve witness work or fail in other families, past life stuff, and current energetic stuff we got going on.

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8 Ideas for Simple Self-Care

Think about you much???

We are in the homestretch…it’s the end of the year when all the holiday fun and madness is about to start. Halloween is this week, then Thanksgiving before you know it, Christmas and Hanukkah preparation is in full swing, then New Years. It’s the crazy fun time of year.

Please don’t get lost in the shuffle. I know you are working to make all the holidays super magical for your family. It takes a lot of work, effort, and thought. You enjoy it, you love it, I know. But I also know that it’s important (necessary) to take care of yourself to keep your energy up and well.

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Passing On More than Just Your Eyes

This is Part 2 of another post, "When You Don't Feel the Bond with Your Baby."

Let's address #2: The energy and emotions that occur prior to delivery will be in your baby's system.

We are collections of life experiences from this current time and past. We are collections of beliefs. We are collections of other's people's energies.  

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I was cleaning out my son's room (again) trying to simplify and reduce. I came across a silk scarf and was thinking about a blog post I had seen about great open-end toys; scarves were on the list.

A scarf could be so many things: pirate headpiece, the ground for a round of make-believe with toy animals, a princess skirt, an apron for kitchen time, etc.

As I was recalling the many applications of a scarf, something came up in my system. 

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