Clearing for a Cause: Goal $100

Sew Much Hope St.Petersburg is looking for donations of diapers and wipes for the refugee families they serve. I don’t know much about this organization other than I’ve donated once before because there was a diaper drive at the school where my son and I go for Mom & Me class (The Wonder Studio). The owner of the school is very like-minded to us conscious mommas and I love so much of her work that I was so happy to help a cause she deeply cares for.

I saw this post tonight that the organization is in need of supplies and thought I wanted to help again. This time, I wanted to raise more money. So Clearing for a Cause was born—here we go!

This weekend, I'll do a group clearing and all proceeds will go to boxes of diapers and wipes. To join, there is nothing to attend or do (aside from pay). It will all be done remotely and you receive the shifts when I do the clearing. It’s as easy as it gets :-)

✨✨✨Clearing will address feeling...
-and bring in fresh perspective and a little joy sprinkled on top!

To participate:

  1. Select which amount you want to contribute (found below) and make payment.

  2. Set an intention for your heart to be activated during the group work to receive for your highest and brightest good. Then, let go of expectations and be open.

  3. Bonus: set an intention or send a prayer that all families needs will be met or even exceeded!

  4. Your order will get you in the clearing. That’s it!

  5. Wait for a follow-up email that I’ll send after the group clearing is finished.

Clearing for a Cause, $7
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Clearing for a Cause, $10
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Clearing for a Cause, $13
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Clearing for a Cause, $25
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