Flash Sale: Pregnancy Loss Crystal Set (1 Set Available)

Unfortunately, this flash sale was inspired by a personal relationship in my life….my long-time friend endured her own loss. Through my conversations with souls that didn’t come all the way over into this plane, I know that some of them jump ship to pursue other places and endeavors. I also know that sometimes coming for what seemed like a short period of time was their journey and that’s all there was to it.

But that’s not stuff I’d ever say in the moment to help my dear friend on her journey.

I wanted to give her the gift of healing. I wanted to help her in the way that I know how: give her tools that might make a dent in her healing process. I wish so much that I could just put my hand on her shoulder to make her pain go away, but I can’t. But sending her some very special crystals would speak to her heart and let her know how much I care for her during this extremely tough time in life.

When we’re faced with such enormous grief, it’s difficult to think straight or make the effort for practices that we might otherwise turn to. Crystals offer us the gift of automatic healing which is so perfect for a mom to carry with her without thinking much about it.

This kit was intuitively created for one special momma. I don’t know if it’s for a momma who recently went through her own loss or if it’s for someone who has worn the wound for many years. What I do know is that it was created just for one person.

The deeply healing set includes:

  • Prehnite (my favorite of this batch) helps mommas make peace with yourself and letting go of pain and guilt.

  • Black Tourmaline deflects and transforms negative energy. It’s highly protective. No one needs terrible stories or “I told you so’s”. Keep this one close on hand.

  • Blue Kyanite soothes the anxious mind and helps momma relax.

  • Mangano Calcite heals the heart by filling it with love. Nothing earthly can ever fill the hole that has been created, but universal love can help. It also helps release fear and move forward which is good for when momma is ready to try again for her rainbow baby.

  • Free shipping to the continental U.S.

If you’re kinda new to crystals, don’t let that get in the way of getting this kit, if it calls to you. Follow your own knowing for when and how to use them. They will let you know how to best incorporate them into your life.