Keeping You on Track This Holiday Season

Who is this perfect for?

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  • Professionally accomplished mommas with young kids who is doing a lot to work on the body, mindset, and energetic/spiritual self (profesh before kids or now, it' doesn’t matter—you are high caliber)

  • You’re not always successful at it, but are trying really hard

  • You recognize that you need to care for yourself FIRST before everyone else

  • You love the idea of getting guidance, support & having an nonjudgmental person in your corner as you navigate the triggering holidays

The holidays may be THE hardest time of year. While they are aesthetically beautiful and coordinated, they can open a Pandora’s box of events and people that can rock your boat. Hard.

That translates to a mom who struggles with her struggle! There’s enough on your plate as it is and then because you love things to be super magical and go the Nth degree AND you are working to release the emotional triggers that get you…AHH. It’s a hard life!

Wouldn’t you rather …

  • Have a place to escape to regularly where you can vent, regroup, and walk away feeling refreshed?

  • Get help when you crash and burn? Receive encouragement to reframe the experience and keep on trying?

  • Get through the holidays with a lot more gladness in your heart?

  • Have real accountability to keep you real and on-track?

I know that when we begin healing ourselves things can actually get harder as we become hyper-aware of the challenges and super sensitive to the after-effects. Growth is hard.

But is is EASIER when you have someone grounding you and helping your through it.

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If this speaks to you, this holiday season give yourself that peace of mind knowing someone is in your corner fluffing you up with encouragement, suggestions for tricky moments, and strategies for maximum self-care.

This holiday package is perfect for you:

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  • 4 sessions with me via Zoom (about an hour long each) scheduled from November 2019 thru January 2020 to cover you from the beginning until you get settled in 2020

  • What’sApp texting for in-between lifts and help

  • $950 (up to 3 installments available)

The 1:1 sessions with me will be customized to your needs. One day you may need to do a bit of strategizing for a smooth visit with your mother or maybe another day you’ll need some serious energy work tending to your chakras. We design the session based on what you got going on.

Questions? Shoot me an email and let’s get them answered for you!

******Ready to sign-up? Send me a message and l’ll get an agreement over to you—let’s get the ball rolling!

Over the months of working with you, I’ve made a shift to understanding that not only is it okay (and not selfish) to have boundaries with loved ones, I need boundaries with everyone - even myself! And I find myself now setting boundaries from an intention of loving myself vs. self-preservation and I can see how the responses are changing from people.
— SImran Bhatia (Mom & owner of