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Expediting your healing and self-development journey getting you deeper healing faster to become all the healer, spiritual business owner & momma you want to be!

With pregnancy and birth behind you, you’re not feeling the same way you used to. You know that these huge milestones in life are big energetic shifts, but it’s been hard to land on your feet again and feel like you. No matter how many affirmations, time spent on working on your energetic blocks, stuffing crystals in your bra, you are just not getting the results you want. Things feel stuck and stagnant. It’s frustrating, and sometimes feels maddening that you aren’t moving forward. You have a beautiful child and know you have people to heal and help, but you cannot get that momentum going. It’s just not there. No matter how much you want it.

My Story

No, I didn’t look into a crystal ball to know this about you. I know this because I was in your shoes once. I spent many many days agonizing over not feeling like I knew where I wanted my business to go around my little one’s first birthday. I was so frustrated that everything I tried to move my energy just fell flat. I was told by another healer I was having a “soul pause.” I wanted to reject that idea with all that I was. I wasn’t on a pause, I wanted to feel that “aliveness” that comes from healing and helping others. It felt like the exact opposite of what she called it.

My frustrations all came to a head when I realized how much I was not living in my body. I smashed my hand several times in various “strange” accidents, improperly sat my little in a chair resulting in a fall (he was ok, don’t worry), and felt like my head was literally not attached to my head. My energy was so scattered that I did not feel like I was living inside my own body.

I tried shaking my body and hands and even stomping my feet to reground. I also had the most optimistic “all in good timing” attitude. I was open to all possibilities of how my next layer of expansion could unfold. None of these things worked to get me where I wanted to go.

Relate much?

So what did I do? I worked really hard to clear my energy daily for 1-2 hours at a time. I created and intuited in a process that is my still my go-to two and half years later. It’s powerful. It cracked me wide open! And it’s done the same for other moms too.

Yes, what a wonderful experience. It was a challenge, as I’d expected, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally! But wow, the results were more dramatic than I ever expected. And the support along the way was absolutely phenomenal. Thank you so much, Nicole! Xxxx
— Anna Clarke-Storey

Your Future

The Clearing Journey is a self-healing and mentoring program that will get you feeling like you’re on top of the world because you’ll be on top of YOUR world. It’s going to fast-track your healing and self-development so that you can get into the game being the amazing healer and mom that you are. The process will get you to the deeper stuff faster than if other modalities were used alone. You’re going to find your new groove in life—you’ll discover the solid place from which you’ll run your business, family, and life.

Wouldn’t it be so freeing to know that your energy was actually running on all cylinders? Can you imagine what it would feel like to be able to succinctly compartmentalize all the creative ideas and then actually ACT on them? Can you envision would it would look like to be a healer who is making her dent healing people on a larger scale, having financial freedom, AND being the deep, mindful, connected momma??

The Energy Work

The energy clearing process is a mix of steps that I intuited it in. It naturally developed as I used it regularly. What’s so lovely about it is that it’s part specific steps, but leaves so much space for you to bring in your own knowing and healing for yourself. I have created and will hold the space for you, but it’s your own magic that you do the work. It’s part procedure and part open-ended healing. That’s why this process is so powerful—you heal you. You know what you need, not anyone else. When you focus on yourself in this magical space, your senses wildly rise. Your healings get deeper. The speed that the information surfaces is so fast and not slowed down by someone else’s translation. The container for which all magic happens is sacred and yours alone.

You are rising. Motherhood uncovered an entirely new dimension of your soul. And now, it’s time to integrate all of you for your business, life, and those who need your healing.

I invite you to consider taking The Clearing Journey.

Because of the depth of you and this work, this journey lasts for six months. The program includes audio meditations, 1-1 sessions, and on-going close communication. $2800 (and of course, payment plans are available).

If you would like to see if this program and I are a great fit for you, please complete the form below. I will follow-up to schedule a time that we can further chat. All calls are scheduled on Saturday mornings (Eastern Daylight Time zone, GMT-4) and expect it to last about 45 minutes.

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Things you may be thinking…

"I can already do healing work on my own. I'm not sure I need this."

Great, how well is that going for you? Are you thrilled with your results? If so, rock on! If not, let us do it together!

"Honestly, my energy isn't really responding to anything right now. How will this be different?"

The process in its entirety is a real reset for the energy system. We work the foundation with a really proper restructure. Other energy healing modalities can make HUGE shits, but the base stuff may not be addressed (and rarely is) like we do in The Clearing Journey.

"I'm already part of another healing circle or see my own healer regularly. Will this interfere with that?"

Nope. This is going to deepen all healing from all dimensions. It will only make your other investments that much more powerful.

"Would you be willing to work my astrologist or energy healer?"

Depends on the circumstance. This program is about working on your own energy to become in control of yourself.

"Can we work on the energy of my business, employees, contractors, and/or business coach?"

This work is completely focused on YOU. Your energy has created the energetic container of the business. So as you shift, your relationship to all things--your biz, employees, contractors, and business coach--will all naturally shift as well.

"I go to yoga a few times a week, have an altar set-up, journal frequently, and have a great morning practice. I'm in a great shape, I don't think I need more, do I?"

Fabulous! Good for you! At the same time, I wonder if you feel like you've gotten to your CORE yet? If you've been yearning for ah-ha's, deep change, or just feel unsatisfied, you may be ready for the next thing in your evolution--this program.

"I can't carve out more time away from my little one."

This process originated while I took my little one in a running stroller. I did it and so can you. You can do it while you do something you already likely do--walking or running.

I have a few other self-healing programs that I never used. I'm reluctant to buy this."

My process will dredge up a lot of stuff (past lives, visions, guidance, hiccups, etc.). You need someone there to point out your own greatness and growth. (And wouldn't you love to talk and share with someone who really gets it?) You also need someone to keep you on track because we know how full your plate already is. Because you value deep healing and transformation, it's another reason that having me hold you up is invaluable. My clients tell me they feel the difference just by being in my space--it's a pretty cool place to be :-) I'll get you up and running and then because you're in it for the long-game of consistency and huge expansion, we'll talk regularly to keep you moving.

Ready to talk? Great, I can’t wait! Please fill out the form above and I’ll be in touch soon to schedule a Saturday morning call with you to see if we’re a great fit together!

Her Experiences

Before it started I was feeling confused about a few major things and a heaviness to others. For example, I wasn’t sure what to do for care for my son when maternity leave ended. I was feeling heavy about going back to work and frustrated by my finances. I also was feeling a heaviness in my marriage as a result. So, so, so much has shifted from a short period of time and I credit this clearing out [program]. I made a decision on my son’s daycare. I wrote a book (like literally start to finish in the 10 day period), I started to feel better about back to work, and I confronted big blocks in my marriage, among other things.
— Jen Savage

Before starting, I felt very overwhelmed in my new role as mama. The technique was exactly what I needed. After Baby came, I no longer had the time or freedom to use the tools I had used in the past to center, ground, and align. This was perfect because I could do it while also taking care of my baby.

During this process, I finally started to pull out of PPD. Being able to enjoy this fleeting time in my little’s life is priceless.
— Shanda Stacy

Your energy work is still the best I have ever had the pleasure to experience. You did more in one session that had ever occurred in all previous sessions.
— Jennifer Johnson