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I have been on a quest for over 20 years mastering following my heart. It's a daily practice of being in tune and knowing how and when to act on ideas. I've read a lot. I've studied a lot. And I've channeled and intuited a lot.

This amazing melding of study and experiences has lead me to my current and most rewarding endeavor yet--motherhood! And it has brought me to to sharing the message: Rise. Mother. Integrate.

You have been rising to new (or anciently old, haha!) versions of you. You’ve been ascending. Your gifts have been growing and expanding rapidly. You are rising to your limitless potential!

When you stepped into motherhood, everything changed, didn’t it? You literally uncovered new dimensions of your soul. After while, you might have found yourself feeling struggle to make all the pieces of you click together with this new found part of you. It’s tough to reconcile all the parts of you together.

Integration is this most magnificent process of drawing in the many parts of your soul. The pieces fit together. There is true alignment, unbelievable expansion, and complete wholeness.

As an spiritual entrepreneurial momma, I know that you have big wins ahead of you. Your people need your healing. Your child need needs the best version of you so that you can help heal the world and her people through their gifts. You need to be on top of your game so that you can constantly reach your new highest potential.

And I’m thrilled to help you get to that potential.

How I Actually Got Here with You

There is a lot of story to tell, but I’m going to zoom in on the part about one year after my little guy was born.

My frustrations all came to a head when I realized how much I was not living in my body. I smashed my hand several times in various “strange” accidents like smashing my hand when I backed my car in the garage, improperly sat my little in a chair resulting in a fall (he was ok, don’t worry), and felt like my head was literally not attached to my head. My energy was so scattered that I did not feel like I was living inside my own body.

I tried shaking my body and hands and even stomping my feet to reground. I also had the most optimistic “all in good timing” attitude. I was open to all possibilities of how my next layer of expansion could unfold. None of these things worked to get me where I wanted to go.

So what did I do? I worked really hard to clear my energy daily for 1-2 hours at a time. I still remember the first day I went out to clear my energy. I wouldn’t have called it that at the time, but that’s what I was beginning to do. It was September of 2016. Insanely hot and high UV here in Tampa, FL. I packed up my little one with lots of water and grapes and off we went at like 2pm. (I was working with his nap schedule so no it certainly wasn’t ideal, but momma had to get out!) I walked something like 5.2 miles that day. It was brutal. I pushed and pushed. There was so much inside of me.

I continued this for two weeks, going about 3 miles instead of the 5. I also called upon another energy healing professional to help me get what I couldn’t. And the rest is just history.

I created and intuited in a process that is my still my go-to two and half years later. It’s powerful. It cracked me wide open! This is what I now teach and support moms through. And it has had unbelievable results for them, too.

My program doesn't require 3 hours of meditating or journaling every 2 hours of you. The techniques and processes don't need any knowledge or previous study about metaphysics, chakras, yoga, etc. The techniques are easy to use; often you just follow along listening, and deep energetic shifts can happen very quickly. (If you watch my free healing "I’m a Good Mom" you'll see me yawning a lot--that's my body processing energy on the spot, that's how fast it can be.) My energy healing is very easy to experience and learn for yourself. More than anything, it is about making the leap to trust your own self with the process so that you tailor it for you own long-term use.

My Education & Experiences

The work I do draws on energy technologies Matrix Energetics and other work I intuit in. I’ve been a life-longer seeker for answers and started formal studies of energy healing 11 years ago. Additionally, I pull in coaching techniques (certified life coach), meditation, real life experiences, and ALWAYS function from my heart. I work with an attitude of possibility, no limits, creativity, imagination, and ease. I teach my clients what I know and lead them to follow their own hearts. 

I'm so incredibly glad that you are here. I hope you'll have a good look around and sign-up for my energy clearing process to experience the shifts first-hand. For you, the people you are meant to heal, and your little one(s), I truly hope it inspires you and brings magic to your life!

On a super personal note...

Who am I? How do I function? I’m an INFJ Pisces, and in the study of Human Design, Projector. I’m an introverted intuitive who has big dreams and will show you everything I know once you invite me into your world. Yep, that about sums it all up!

At home, my two favorite people are my little dude (who is 3 already!!) and husband. We love spending at the beach soaking up the sun!

Mommahood <3

Mommahood <3

P.S. If I got to pick a superpower... I'd choose to place my hand on your shoulder and have your heartbreak, sadness, feeling alone, and hopelessness melt away. I'd replace them with feelings of love, acceptance, hope, and confidence. I want you to come home and find you. xo.

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S1:E13. "Can you really follow your heart when making career decisions?"