I was feeling quite fuzzy and worn out in my mind before doing it [The Clearing Program]. After doing the process, I have allowed my self to accept what my souls wants and my mind is a lot calmer again. Not so much over thinking! - Emma

Before it started I was feeling confused about a few major things and a heaviness to others. For example I wasn’t sure what to do for care for my son when maternity leave ended. I was feeling heavy about going back to work and frustrated by my finances. I also was feeling a heaviness in my marriage as a result. So so so much has shifted from a short period of time and I credit this clearing out [program]. I made a decision on my son’s daycare. I wrote a book (like literally start to finish in the 10 day period), I started to feel better about back to work, and I confronted big blocks in my marriage. Among other things. — Jen Savage

Before I started I felt cluttered, overwhelmed, fearful. I now feel clearer-headed, with more direction and focus, more confident in my ability to take on challenges and more able to question what is possible for me and to push myself beyond boundaries I would have previously considered immovable - able to question, is this really true or is it a limiting belief? — Anna Clarke-Storey

Before starting, I felt very overwhelmed in my new role as mama. The technique was exactly what I needed. After Baby came, I no longer had the time or freedom to use the tools I had used in the past to center, ground, and align. This was perfect because I could do it while also taking care of my baby.

During this process, I finally started to pull out of PPD. Being able to enjoy this fleeting time in my little’s life is priceless. —Shanda Stacy

For me the biggest insight of my reading was my son’s ability to communicate through Nicole to me. I was skeptical of the whole experience but was open to it. Many of his answers were so personal and touched my soul that all doubt of the process was washed away. — Shasta Robbins

You reminded me of how I always had seen myself as a mother, but had forgotten about. The magical element that I loved during my own childhood and now, but because of all the practical preparing during pregnancy had forgotten all about. It made me look forward and get so much more excited to become a parent to the souls choosing me as their mother. It is the greatest insight and gift to get to remember who I am by reading through your words. I felt deeply connected to myself and especially the baby because it reflected what I always imagined and hoped for. — Lisa Snow Stefans

In the reading my son said several things that resonated with me. Things I was waiting to hear and since the reading, as promised, he has shown me some beautiful signs. —Corrin Skubin

Nicole, you have a flow with your words that gets the true and clear message across. I can feel the love and care that you put into both the connections and into the written notes. Thank you! —Amanda

It [Baby Reading] is to the point, insightful and clear. Helps spread light on unknown situations and towards the future. — Beth Ihle

Your energy work is still the best I have ever had the pleasure to experience. You did more in one session that had ever occurred in all previous sessions. —Jennifer Johnson