Healings Collection

Ready to continue on clearing out? Want to keep it going?

This special collection will help you continue to clear out gunk in the system. What’s great about these is that you can you use them over and over with different benefit each time. A new layer will emerge for you clear. You just select the one you feel compelled to that day and go on as you have learned to do.

These can be used while you are out on your walk/run or simply listening in the comfort of your own home. (Never listen to these while driving, that’s just not a safe thing to do.)

The collection includes five healings:

"Chakras 1,2,3" (18:51)

"I Can Do It" (17:46)

"I am Enough" (14:11)

"Listening" (10:55)

"Maternal Patterns" (21:55)

Bonus: "I am a Good Mom" (8:04)

With this purchase, you get an immediate download of all the mp3 clearings. You’ll also receive a PDF guide to help you understand what each one does in greater detail.

Price? $40. I have bigger plans for these healings in the future, so this is your time to get a steal of a deal right now, if you are wanting to purchase. (If you were in my Mommas Healing Group before and would like to have these downloads, shoot me an email and I’ll get them to you for free.)


Here’s a quick blip about each healing’s purpose (more detail will be included with purchase):


Especially as a mom, you need to be able to clearly hear your inner voice so that you can make the right moves for your child. Your child is super unique and so expectations and the "way of doing things" won't necessarily be relevant. You'll need to turn inward to your own heart to know what they need, want, and is in their best interest to have. And if you can't hear the information that's coming in, well, that will make you feel conflicted leaving you unable to make those calls confidently.

"I am Enough"

When we work on the energy that blocks us from feeling like we are enough, we can banish doubt, fear, and insecurities. Creativity, excitement, action, self-worth all return.


When our energy is blocked, stopped up, or clogged, we can't gain access to our inner wisdom. We aren't able to hear the messages from our angels, spirit team, heart, God, or whatever other source you have for knowing things outside yourself. 

"Maternal Patterns"

We inherit more than just our genes. This healing seeks to wipe out the passed on gunk that we've received. Generations before our endured very different hard times and handled them in a way that enabled them to survive and thrive. That energy and ideas are not necessarily useful in today's world.

"Chakras 1,2,3"

Our chakras are the most foundational pieces of our energy systems. The first three (Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus) focus on aspects of our system that almost the most primitive. And things, as mommas, that can get rocked super easily. Taking in this healing will help you begin to feel more stable and more like you.

"I Can Do It"

No matter where you are in life or motherhood, doubt creeps in. We can easily give into the notion that since we've never done it before and it will be hard. Or because we have done it before, it will be hard.  But what if it wasn't? 

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Healings Collection
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I am so excited to offer these to you as you continue on your journey! I think all of them except “I am a Good Mom” begin with “Call in What’s Mine/Grounding/Expansion” so you can get a total complete energy session in with these puppies. So effective!

5 powerful clearings PLUS an awesome bonus one…hope you love it!

lots of love! xo