"I AM A GOOD MOM" Energy Healing

Its Power: 

- Release negative associations, memories and expectations as it relates to being a good mom

- Make space for new ideas, inspiration, patience and perspective to become more of the mom you know you can be

How to Use it:

1. Find a place to follow along where you can let your guard down and relax OR listen while you go out for a walk/run. While you CAN listen while you are doing other things, and you will certainly benefit, I do not recommend making that your normal go-to method. I recommend doing it while you can just focus on you for a few. I know it's tempting to multi-task this, but part of you needs to fully be present and focus on this--I promise it'll be better for you. P.S. DO NOT DRIVE and listen--it's not safe.

2. Play the recording. Notice any thoughts, images, memories, sounds, smells, or visions that happen. Just let it come up and out. If you are meant to focus further on anything that has come up, you'll get a strong feeling that you are supposed to. Not everything that comes to your awareness is supposed to be analyzed to death; it's just all information flowing. And if you don't get any thoughts, images, memories, sounds, smells, or visions know that it is totally ok and normal. No two mommas will experience these the exact same way. Similarly, no two times that YOU listen to it will it be the same.

3. After it's over, pay attention to how you feel and act from there. Do you feel like sitting there a while longer? Or do you feel a mad need to go clean out your pantry? Notice what wants to happen and trust it's leading you in the right direction.

4. The after effect of these will vary from person to person. Some people feel the effects very strongly emotionally or physically and some people are the total opposite and don't feel a thing. Don't judge yourself on well you did the healing by the after-effects and certainly don't judge the healing based on how you feel immediately after. The healing that is happening could be on a really deep level and it might take time for it to show. Think of a tiny pebble in the middle of a pond; it takes a while for it to build into large waves on the shore. Trust and be patient. 

5. If you feel a craving to listen again, do it. Trust your inner knowing of what you need and when you need it. That's a huge lesson right there, so I'll say it again. Trust your inner knowing of what you need and when you need it.

TIP: Bookmark or save this page URL to re-watch and experience the healing as often as you like; no two times will ever be the same.