If there's one thing you learn and takeaway from being here with me, let it be this...


The absolute most important thing you can do for your child and yourself is to learn how to access your heart and then follow it. Why? Because doing so will give you all the directions you'll ever need to know in order to raise this child to his highest potential and support the journey he has so chosen. And you, my lovely, you will bloom into the person you wish to be using this process!

DIY Follow Your Heart Program
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Being Momma to this special child who is here to fulfill his life or soul purpose at an early age means you will need (and want) a solid confidence in yourself that you are making the right decisions for you two. You're going to want something to fall back on. Your child will undoubtedly not be like what people will expect him to be. He will need you to be his advocate and do what's right for HIS interests even when it looks weird, unconventional, or flat our bizarre to others. You'll need to be clear on what is best for him and then have the courage to do it (which you can imagine might be hard at times, right?).

Your solid place to go to get the answers, direction, and confidence for all of this is your heart. 

I promise, when you follow your heart you will have ZERO regrets. Zip, nada, nilch. You won't beat yourself up; you'll be comforted knowing that you did your absolute best by consulting the one place where you have all the answers and guidance already. You can trust that you are on the path you are supposed to be with every turn. You are exactly where you should be. And you are doing just as you should be for that little one.

Your heart is a treasure trove of information that can be used to get the answers you need for whatever life throws at you--planned and unplanned. The heart is the ONE place you can access your absolute truth. So when you use your heart, you can make decisions with confidence, clarity, and a clear conscience.

Your heart is also the way you will be able to connect to your child’s heart (starting with the very beginning of your days together)! Yes, it's true!! Think of getting into your heart like picking up a phone. Your message travels to your child and then is picked up by his heart and then a message is transmitted back. How powerful is that?! Blows the lid off things, people. Blows the lid off. This connection is powerful for you to know his wants and preferences, you won't have to guess. Communication will be strong from the very beginning. And that is the beauty of this: your ability to communicate with your little one helps your baby do what they came here to do sooner for the planet, humankind, and beyond. You are assisting with huge transformation here, Momma!

Whew, huge, right?? 

So is that enough reason to get you wanting to learn how to access and follow your heart?!

I want to teach you and share with you the knowledge of using this magnificent tool--the heart. I want you to know that you have a way of figuring out things out when you feel like you have no clue or courage. I want you to have a place that you access when the rest of the world is making your squirm trying to get you to conform.

I want nothing more than for you to have this tool at your disposal so that your child can be all that he came here to be and you can be the steady and confident Momma he needs. 

In +25 videos (each around 5 minutes long each or less), I teach you the basics and the not-so-basics so that you can confidently practice and understand the power that following your heart has.

It's not an exact formula that you'll receive from me. You'll receive wisdom, teachings, and tools that you can use to create your own methodology or way of getting into your heart. This will become incredibly personal and unique to you. It will help you discover your own approach of connecting with the amazing truth of your soul.

In your heart, you could receive so many different kinds of messages. A few possibilities to sprinkle here for you to sample its power:

  • Clarity in making decisions like what kind of birth experience your little one wants, how the days after birth should be spent, what you need to do to prepare for birth, how to handle social situations in your little one's best interest, which procedures or treatment to have for little one

  • Messages from angels or your Spirit or Guiding Team like how to take better care of your growing and then recovering body

  • Guidance for navigating life's situations (planned or unplanned)

  • Instructions for taking action (doing things) or knowing when and how to support your curious growing toddler

  • Directions for your life's blueprint after the fourth trimester is over and your body and soul are re-calibrating for its new role


I don't believe in a one-size-fits all system. I believe you have the gifts and abilities to get to your truth in your way. I'm just here to help you get it. I'll help you unlearn much of what you spent your life living by (and it never felt good or right to do what was expected and not in your own heart, did it??) and give you really good food for thought to replace old beliefs. 

Clients have said that this course helped them to like themselves more, their gifts opened, they became much more confident, while others found their it opened them up to new ideas. Results vary but one thing is clear: FYH helps everyone get in touch with their heart like they never have before.


In DIY Follow Your Heart, You’ll Learn:

  • Why you’ll want to get directions from your own heart over any other book or expert

  • How to act on your heart’s direction in the face of every of every objection you can come up with

  • How to make the distinction between what the heart and what the other voices (ego, fear, doubt, lack, Mothers or Mother-In-Laws, doctors, etc.) are saying

  • Different methods of getting into your heart for practice and discovering what works for you

  • Plus so much more!

Lesson List:

  • Module 3

    • What is the One Key to Your Success? (3:30)

    • What Should You Do With Information that You Receive? (4:27)

    • How Do You Decipher Things in Your Heart? (6:13)

    • What Do We Remember? (1:14)

    • What if You Don't Get All You Hoped for? (1:08)

    • Holding Space: A Special Container for You to Use (4:32)

    • Sitting With Yourself (4:35)

  • Module 4

    • What Do You Do After You Receive the Information From Your Heart? (5:31)

    • How Do You Set the Stage for Your Heart's Desires? (1:10)

    • What Should You Do If the Information From Your Heart Feels Undoable? (3:08)

    • How Much of a Leap of Faith Is Required? (1:04)

    • What Should You Do If You're Left Feeling Icky, Stuck, or Confused? (1:08)

    • How Can You Handle Yourself in Situations Where You're Uncomfortable? (3:52)

    • What Should You Do If Everything Hits the Fan? (1:50)

  • Module 1

    • What Does it Mean to Follow Your Heart? (4:46)

    • Why Do We Need to Get in Our Heart? (0:50)

    • What Can You Get in Your Heart? (6:05)

    • Trust (4:13)

    • The Problem with Books & Experts (2:40)

    • Special Bonuses:

      • Religion & FYH (1:59)

      • The Difference Between Intuition and FYH (1:11)

  • Module 2

    • What Do You Need to Know Before You Go? (3:58)

    • Getting In: Meditation & Elevator (12:00)

    • Getting In: Meditation & Slide (10:08)

    • Getting In: Elevator (2:19)

    • Getting In: Slide (1:19)

    • Getting In: Freeform (4:47

    • How Can You Tell the Difference Between Your Heart and Head? (2:06)


DIY Follow Your Heart Program Includes:

  • +25 videos of heart-opening wisdom and teachings

  • Four (4) energy activations for each module to help you better process and integrate the learnings (they are called “Drops of Life”.) Don't worry if you have no idea what “energy activation” means; you don't have to understand to benefit, I promise. Directions will be included. It's just like listening to someone read you a recipe in a few short minutes. They are short, but hugely impactful to your growth and development.

Price: All this for just $85.


Are you ready to learn this life-changing process? Ready to take your mothering up a notch to best support your little one? Ready to make the best choices for your own life? Go on, get started right now!

DIY Follow Your Heart Program
49.00 85.00
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