Helping You & Your Little One with THEIR big Purpose.


Parents don't think about what their baby is coming to do here on Earth, let alone begin to plan and educate themselves on how they can actively support their little ones on that path starting with pregnancy and their early life. However, I am going to change that.

Welcome to the new way of parenting and let's get you going!

+ "How does this benefit us during pregnancy?"

Getting yourself energetically clear during this amazing phase is like preventative-maintenance. If you start getting the gunk out now, your early days with your baby earthside will be more gentle and easy. You'll be more in-tune with each other helping you be more responsive.

It will also help you to hear your own body so that you can supply it with its needs: specific nutrients, rest, relaxation, activity. We'll clear out the channels so you can tune in more for these vitals bits of information.

Energy work will also help with birth! Imagine having your two-way walkie-talking on with your baby as you near their arrival. Being in-tune can help get things into optimal position, listen to the nudges of your body, make your baby's arrival what they want, and so much more. It can help ease your fears, up your courage, and get grounded for a huge energetic shift that is about to happen.

The benefits to doing energy work run deep; there are so many reasons to start asap!

+ "Thinking ahead for their big purpose is hard."

I believe everyone has come to Earth with a purpose. It might be for a purpose of learning something for self, might be for fulfilling a role for a situation for another’s purpose, sharing a gift with others...they are many different kinds of purposes.

That said, a pregnancy is a hope of a purpose being fulfilled or transformation to people or places. That person (your baby) coming has something to do or offer to others. That’s the point of them coming.

So while we get caught up in adorable blankets, diaper choices, sleeping arrangements, and birthing options, that baby is coming because they have a purpose. It’s that simple.

We need to strip away what has become over-commercialized in the preparation of our new baby in order to remember that we were chosen by them to be their guide and advocate. We must see through the adorable stuffed animals, petite bows and suspenders, newest gadgets, and keeping our kids up with the Jones’ kids.

Keeping them alive and healthy is a top priority, no doubt; at the same time, creating an emotionally and spiritually healthy baby is crucial too.

It’s beneficial to always be thinking about raising our kids using that thermometer of what helps them grow emotionally and spiritually.

When we remember our child has a big purpose, even when they are just figuring out how to rollover, we can make better decisions for them on a daily basis.

+ "It’s hard to emotionally connect a big purpose to a tiny baby who is just figuring out to rollover."

Think of what you see in that tiny body is potential. And tiny things expand into greatness.

Your baby isn’t a helpless body of squish and bones. They are a real person with feelings and yes, lots of physical needs at the start of their journey! They are so capable of communicating with you, cooperating through daily care activities like diaper changes, cuddling, and feeding, and expressing their interests. They are very aware of their surroundings.

Much of the population views babies as helpless and so mothering often is begun with a sense of duty and deeper connection is sidetracked—which goes against everything in a mother’s heart. When you allow yourself to view this child just as they are without a list of milestones and checkmarks, it becomes easy for love to show you a whole person with a gift for the world.

+ "I’m still trying to just make it through the day and get more than 5 hours of sleep."

I know it’s hard! You’re doing all you can as best you can!

When our energy is clogged up, we can host a wide variety of issues: make poor decisions, feel cranky or antsy, get frustrated easily, hurry through things like feedings and diaper changes, respond with anger or annoyance, have little to no patience when a meltdown happens, feel chronically tired or lethargic, feeling like you’re not a good mom, jealousy of others, deep sadness, not happy to have a baby or feel disconnected from the child, or feel guilt because you know you can do better, but can’t seem to actually do it.

Energy work helps to clear up issues that cause these symptoms. Getting to the real root releases energy to create space within us—which we need! The ideal situation is that your energy system has room in it for things to come and go. And if you are feeling the symptoms above, your system is likely stuffed with way too much. When we cram too much in our system, there is no room to let things go and tension continues to build and show itself as the symptoms just mentioned.

Working on clearing your energy is exactly what you need to do. It will make a dramatic difference in feeling clear in your mind and heart. You will notice feeling confident. You’ll be aware of your decisions (not deciding is a choice too!) and become more comfortable with their outcomes. A sense of calmness will return or be created. You’ll start finding new solutions to your old problems and the patience to work through them.

The days become filled with more ease because things seem less hard, more ideas to tackle issues come in, you’ll have the physical energy to do more, and have more mental stamina.

+ "Why do I need this? How will it help? What will it enable me or my baby to do?"

You need to clear your energy because your baby needs you to be the most authentic version of you. They need you to be able to hear and observe their wants. They need you to be clear in your heart body and heart so that you can help them create or find opportunities to work on their big purpose as they grow up. They need you to find courage, comfort in the discomfort, and strength for days with people who don’t understand them.

It will help you on a day to day basis of being a better mom and a person who functions so much more smoothly. It will help you in the long-run help your baby find ways to nurture and fulfill their purpose!

As you know, your baby’s mental health relies on you, Momma. When you are able to look at the world as infinite possibilities, patience, kindness, understanding, and authenticity, your child will too. Those qualities help form a person who believes in themselves and others and wants to extend their gifts or help to the world.

Clearing Out Program

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Meditation: Learn How to Connect with Your Baby While Pregnant

There's so much magic to unlock through the connection path with our babies. This is WAY MORE than just talking; it's sending and receiving messages to get answers to your burning questions like "What name do you want to have?", "What would you like to have happen during birth?", and anything else you can possibly think of! It's a 12 minute meditation that is easy-peasy (no experience necessary).

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