Follow Your Heart.
It will give you the peace, courage, and information you need to feel complete, happy, and confident as you give birth and raise a child with an important purpose.



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The babies being born right now have BIG PURPOSES. I'll help you be best prepared as you grow, birth, and raise these really special babies! 

Meditation: Learn How to Connect with Your Baby While Pregnant

There's so much magic to unlock through the connection path with our babies. This is WAY MORE than just talking; it's sending and receiving messages to get answers to your burning questions like "What name do you want to have?", "What would you like to have happen during birth?", and anything else you can possibly think of! It's a 12 minute meditation that is easy-peasy (no experience necessary).

Free Resources to Get You Learning Right Away

Explore my free work to help pregnant mommas or newly minted mommas raise their very special babies. This collection is updated periodically and contains useful, actionable, emotional info and energetic principles to help you along your journey.

“The gigantic transformation I have experienced in the last 6 months has been tremendously amplified by all things Nicole”