Nick Lachey's Gorgeous Lullaby Album Hits Me Deep

When I was pregnant, I came across the best news. Are you ready? Nick Lachey created a lullaby album. OMG. Nick Lachey. Yes, I loved the days of 98 Degrees. And even his show with Jess. He was by far my favorite boy band member. I heart him. (I'm still devastated that he and Jess split; it's been +10 yrs.)

I remember the moment when I was listening to the previews of his album, "A Fathers.Lullaby" for the first time. He has a track for "Baby of Mine." In that sweet moment, I was thinking of my baby and broken hearted by the thought not everyone will love him (and let alone as much as I do). A harsh reminder that the world can be a tough and judgmental place. Especially for babies with special gifts to impart on the world and her people that will likely be under-appreciated.. Babies that are here for a very special purpose and will often be misunderstood by other children and adults.

It's important, Momma, to access the sacred love of your child deeply in your heart. As his guide, at times, you may be the only soul who can help him navigate a confused, unenlightened, and broken world. But you can do it. When you access that place in your heart, you will summon all the courage and know-how you'll need. Your own guides and angels will help you help him, too.

If you have an extra box of tissues and Amazon Prime, you can stream the album for free here

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