How to Instantly Raise Your Vibration (Slider Switch Technique)

Here's a quick video showing you exactly how to do this technique. Trust your intuition and your inner knowing.

Did you sense or feel it? Need some more practice? Either way, that's totally cool. Don't get down on yourself if you need to practice it more. Just relax and go with what comes to mind.

After you watch and do it yourself, I'd love for you to tell me how it went for you. Questions? Ask away!

lots of love.


How to Deal with the End of a Nursing Relationship

It happened out of no where. My two year old was nursing at least 3 times a day (upon wakeup, nap, and bedtime). We had a little bumpy start to nursing when he was born, but we made it through. It took six weeks for us to perfect things. You know what I kept believing and saying to myself?

"We will figure this out."

My faith never wavered. We were going to figure it out. He had things to learn and so did I. We would figure it out.

I never said an actual goal of our nursing relationship. I was just going to go. Never wanted to think about the end-game, just wasn't in the cards. I only looked forward.

We had only a biting incident or two along the way. Sailed past his first birthday.

Then only about two weeks before his second birthday, he suddenly out of no where wanted milk. He bit. He bit HARD.

I set boundaries and ended the session. That made zero difference. 

I gave him second and third chances. That made zero difference. 

He eventually stopped asking and I stopped asking. 

(Now just before this all stopped, you must know that he nursed for over an hour one morning just a week prior!)

I was no where near emotionally prepared for this part of our journey. I didn't see it coming. He went from hot to cold instantly. 100 to 0. None of that "droppping one feeding at a time" thing. He went all out.

And it utterly (pun intended) broke my heart. I was so deeply sad. Suddenly, he was no longer a baby. He was a big boy who could fall asleep without my milk or wake up and run for fruit instead of my milk. Like that, an entire chapter was gone from my life.

We traveled to my parents to escape Hurricane Irma and one of those nights after I put him to bed, I just sobbed to my husband. I felt broken. It was just out of no where. I was blind-sided. How could he could from 100 to 0?

So heartbroken. 

He was wonderfully amazing grown and developing rapidly. I'm sure a lot devleopmentally was going on as he was growing linguistically leaps and bounds. 

I was lost unsure what to do with myself. Do I let myself "dry up" or do I keep pumping?

Because I wasn't ready to let my milk go and dry up, I decided to pump. Albeit, I didn't get much, but in my mind I was keeping the dairy bar open. Just in case he changed his mind. But mostly, I just wasn't ready. Did I want to consider donating to a needing momma? I wasn't sure. Pumping was the safest option I felt I had.

So I did. Never was I so thankful to see my milk drop by drop being collected. (And of course drop by drop spilled by my clumsy self on my shirt or couch, lol). I was so grateful for that milk. It help me feed my baby. I was able to provide for him from day one. I could give him comfort and saftey. I could be the one spot in the world where he felt safe and cozy.

I looked for the selfies I took while nursing. It made me cry so much, but out of sheer happiness. All those moments captured. 

I googled this sudden feeding frenzy of my wonderdful toddler. And you know what I found? A whole bunch of articles or blogs that made me angry! All of them were about how to wean your toddler! I went several pages in deep with the search engines, I just couldn't find comforting sympathetic stories of moms who had toddler that were unexpectedly done nursing.

It angered me. It angered me because it showed me that the majority of what's written is in a tone of "I'm so tired of this ...I just want my body back...I need my wine..." It had an angry and irritated tone! Here I was heart-broken unable to find the voice I needed for guidance, comfort, and help.

In our society too many voices (professional or through experience) really do a number to take away the connection with our babies. They misguide many moms into thinking you have to give things up and get them back to "normal" in X time. Infuriates me. I know that not everyone loves the infant or toddler years, but drives me mad that there are mothers out there that need to hear it's ok to have those years with your baby and be happy about it. They unknowingly get robbed of that closeness, connection, and happiness.

I had been to a LeLech League meeting a long time ago and felt I needed to go back. In one of my Facebook groups, I asked the question about my situation. I was looking for resources to help me process this huge shift in my life. I was invited to a LLL meeting that was the next day. The starts aligned and so I went.

When it was my turn to ask a question, I totally did the "I can't talk because I am trying not to cry, but am showing you my ugly cry face paired with my high pitched can't talk holding back the tears" thing. And then I just cried. The nice mom next to me put her hand on my shoulder.

Relief finally came over me. The leader told me of toddlers going on nursing strikes that last months, but came back. I had hope again. She gave me comfort that if I wanted to pump, it wasn't silly of me. I was given things to try that I hadn't heard of before.

I left that meeting feeling strong again. I went back to my little guy and reminded him that "we'd figure this out."

He began to show some interest again (with a small bite thrown in there) weeks later on his own accord, but it finally happened; I got to have one more nursing session with him . And another. I have no clue what the rest of our nursing relationship will look like and that's still ok.

I certainly won't take it for granted here on out. I'm so fortunate that I was able to experience and fall in love with nursing again.

To the mothers who have babies that are ready to end the nursing relationship before you are, I say this...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry it hurts so much. But like the Tinman from the Wizard of Oz said, "I know I have a heart because I feel it breaking." Remember that you feel the deepest depths of sadness because you do have an awesomely large heart; it's par for the course.

It's ok that you aren't ready. What it means to us as mothers is very different than what it means to your little one. Of course there is overlap there, but it's ok that you aren't ok with this huge change at first. Do not compare yourself to other females who have by their choice or not no longer have a nursing relationship with their child. Do not catch compar-initis.

This is a huge energetic shift. You can't apply logic and reason here. Things are shifting and progressing. That change can feel hard. It can take time for it to integrate (which might mean feeling even "ok" about it might take a while) into your energetic being. 

Remind yourself you WILL figure it out. When you have seed of hope that you are going to make your way through this part--whatever that is, you magically will come up with possible ideas or solutions to explore. Maybe it comes as a book, blogger, video, article, etc. You never know from where the next piece of guidance will come.

Get the support! Local LLL meetings can be a great source of support. Or Facebook groups for the LLL local group. Or other mom or breastfeeding groups. Point is, there is somewhere you can find support. I had to post in three different FB groups before I got what I was looking for. Keep looking and don't give up. Your spouse can support you, but if they aren't also milking, they will not know exactly what you are going through. Don't settle. Get your heart the help it needs.

If you are going through this, my heart goes out to you. I send so much love to your aching sad heart. xoxo.

Why Energy Work is a Must-Do During Pregnancy & Motherhood Plus 3 Tips to Start Easily

Why Energy Work is a Must-Do During Pregnancy & Motherhood.png

We are not made of mere skin and bones; we are a collection of memories, beliefs, ideas, and special attributes that make us who we are.

Our bodies have special centers where all this information is stored. These centers are called chakras.

Chakras each have their own meaning and function that is tied to emotional wellbeing and physical condition, too.

Most people aren’t aware of their chakras, let alone tend to them. Now I’m sure you’ve seen pictures with the body and the colored notation depicting where the chakra sits in the body, but perhaps you haven’t given it much more effort or thought than that.

And that’s ok because tending to them is still a viable option even if you don’t know the first thing about them.

When we get down to it, our body is made of cells which are made of atoms which are made of pure energy.

This energy composes our physical body but all our spiritual or energetic body, too.

My experience of studying, using, and experimenting with energy work over the last nine years has brought me to this current point in time where I am sharing with pregnant moms or those will little ones born after 8-8-15, effective and easy techniques for working with their energy.

I wish that women took as much care and concern over their energetic body as they did their physical one. There is an obsession after pregnancy to bounce back to pre-pregnancy shape. There is plenty of room in our outlook to be concerned over our wellbeing in ways that are less obvious to the naked eye.

Moms, it’s time to be concerned with the wellbeing of our energetic body. And I’m talking about more than just symptoms of stress and anxiety.

We need to tend to the beliefs, memories, values, or patterns that are stored in our bodies that no longer serve us. Can you relate to any of these thoughts?

  • I am a horrible mom
  • I didn’t give my baby the birth they deserved
  • Breastfeeding is impossible
  • I can’t do ________
  • I don’t feel like I know my body anymore
  • I’m impatient with my baby/toddler just like my mom was with me

This is the tip of the iceberg, the list can go on and on for things that we believe with or without justification. I hope you can self-identify some similarity in your own body to these that are commonly shared among many women (you aren’t alone).

Let’s look at one in greater detail, “I’m impatient with my baby just like my mom was with me.”

There are many ways to tackle being better equipped to manage, handle, come to peace with, or deal with the emotional baggage of this belief. You could read self-help books, see a therapist, talk to your spouse, seek the comfort of your siblings, take prescriptions; the list is long for ways to resolve it.

The problem is that all of these assume the logical mind or emotional heart are the only things at play here. They are not. The energetic body is completely present.

In this example, the mother may hold on to a lifetime of memories of seeing her mother be impatient with her triggering a host of emotions—inadequacy, insecurity, anger, loneliness, guilt, embarrassment, etc. Our bodies have recorded those images and associated feelings each time we experienced that OR relived the memories. Those recorded stories live in our energy systems creating a mess of caked up back-log of energy. With a body full of past painful memories, we feel stuck and helpless.

When you feel these two specific emotions, it shows up in the present through many ways like disinterest, annoyance, frustration, emptiness, lack of physical energy, jealousy, or resentment.

So in context of being a new mom, having energy work done on you or by you is so very important because you are in a new chapter of life where things are unknown. If you are carrying around that old energy and using it to look at your new situation, you are likely to experience déjà vu; old patterns will remain and you will not be able to create the life for you and your baby that you so desire.

Real change comes at the energetic level, not the intellectual or emotional level.

We need to release old ick, opening up space in our new mom bodies to properly process experiences. Ever notice how jaded you feel over something that is seemingly sweet? You are using old energy to process this new experience and it makes you see things through a tainted telescope negatively affecting what you feel.

Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have those blocks—those limitations on your viewpoints or experiences. Imagine what it feels like if you could just observe without judgement and take the experience in for what it truly was saving yourself mind chatter that ultimately drains you.

It’s a very special change that occurs as we step into motherhood. It is a new identity, purpose, and brings a new role to our lives. Whether you became a mother by accident, surprise, or choice, one thing is clear: along the way of transitioning into it, your energetic makeup changes and it’s necessary to start clearing it out so that you can be all the mom you desire to be.

Clearing out your energy is imperative for your little one too. They need you to be energetically clear so that you can see opportunities, choices, and experiences without baggage to make the best possible decisions for them. Being energetically clear also means you are better able to listen to your own heart and intuition (or momma instinct).  When you change your energy, you change your patterns and therefor allow your little one the opportunity to create their own patterns rather than get your old-hand-me-down ones that have caused you pain, frustration, or disservice.

3 Ways to Start Clearing Your Energy Immediately

  • Take walks and repeat “I release anything that no longer services me” over and over aloud or to yourself. My preference is aloud—the sound vibration is healing too. Walk as often as you need to with this intention--multiple times a day, every day, or as often as you feel like you need to (trust the answer, don’t doubt yourself).
  • Eat more foods with life and vibrancy. Consume more foods that are alive to take in their energy to raise your own vibration. There are lots of recipes out there to make vegetables and fruits that are honestly very good. Start with something and keep adding to your repertoire.
  • Sort through a mess. Go through a drawer, dresser, box, purse, car, baby bag, etc. Throw away garbage and if it’s worth keeping (you can easily say “Yes, I love this”—if not, get rid of it), find it a proper home. If you are planning on donating items, know exactly where you will take it and when you’ll do that. Otherwise, it will become new clutter.

Starting with these three techniques will begin to get your energy moving a little and give you the resources in space and power to keep clearing your energy more deeply feeling more confident, satisfied, and whole.

For help clearing yourself out, you can join my "Mommas Healing Group" where each month we focus on a new healing that helps clear things out and call in for something better. If you can follow along to someone rattling off a recipe, you can do my energy work. You'll have access to the healing and can do it when the time is good for you. We begin on November 1, 2017.

Call On Your Baby's Spirit Team for Help During Pregnancy & Beyond

Baby's Spirit Team.png

Spirit team? That's what I call the angels, guides, and others that help us out. Our babies have their own team with them. Yes, angels and guides are accompanying your baby in this life already. Did you know you can call on them to come help you help him?

Step 1:

  • Say/think/intend/ask/pray: *<Insert baby's name>'s spirit team, please help <insert desired outcome>."

Step 2 (Optional):

  • Add whatever else you'd like.

That's it.

You can see how simple and straight forward it is.

Remember that help from the team can come in many ways. It might just unfold without any effort from you or it might come in as an idea to act on. Be open to what they send your way!

From my own experience, I have found this to work without fail. I've called on them to help with getting him down to sleep. He quickly quiets and then drifts off. (Admittedly, I don't usually call them as soon as I have trouble, I wait until I'm ready to tap out. I should work on this...)

This can be used during pregnancy, birth, or after your little one is born. The ways this technique can be used is endless. Rule of thumb: If you could use some help, call on his guides!

Examples of ways to use it:

  • Pregnancy
    • Concern over pre-eclampsia
    • If something doesn't feel right 
  • Birth
    • Need the baby to change position
    • Want help moving things along
  • Infancy/Toddlerhood
    • Getting them nap
    • Illness coming on

You, Momma, have the power to call on your baby's Spirit Team for help. They are able and ready to help you help your little one. 

If you enjoyed this, you may also really like my Step by Step Guide for creating a Baby-bration. It's an amazing ceremony to create while you're pregnant to connect in with your baby. We set the mood with a great song, sweet words to your little one, and more to create an experience that will touch your heart. 


*Note: No techniques are intended or should be used in place of seeking proper medical care from your professional healthcare team or practitioner.*

The Soul's Evolution of a Momma

(Originally Published August 1, 2016)

Walking my little guy the other day, getting fresh air to clear out my energy system, I had a significantly large concept hit me.

As I watch my little boy grow up, I too, am changing. 

No one talks about this. 

I do a lot (A LOT) of blog reading and poking around on the internet and I never came across anything that mentioned this. 

It's "common knowledge" that having a baby changes you. It changes the way you feel, think, and act.

But no one talks about how we change emotionally. Or energetically. Or how the soul will continue to evolve through it all.

A lot of pregnancy, mothering, and parenting material encourage you to become the person you were pre-baby. Sound familiar?

  • You're just toting around one little person, don't give up your old lifestyle.
  • Get back into your skinny jeans.
  • Go back to being who you were. 

This standard advice is incredibly shallow and superficial.

(Thank goodness, Magda Gerber's book told me that the first months of a baby life should revolve around HIM, not my agenda; that possibility resonated deeply with me.)

There is little awareness for the soul's evolution of a momma. 

My heart has undergone massive shifts and changes since the birth of my son almost a year ago. I have expanded vastly into ways I could never have anticipated. I have felt love like I have never felt before. And you think I'll go back to being me?

Not a chance.

Through his eyes I can see eternity. His smile awakens every cell in body. His giggle raises my vibration.

Prior to his arrival, I did energy work for and was pretty intuitive--all this has been almost 20 years in the making. So, I did the energy work during my pregnancy (and even before) to make it a wonderful, easy pregnancy and birth. And it worked beautifully.

The development of my gifts and abilities hasn't stopped at all just because I'm his mommy. In fact, I have become even more serious and intentional about being all that I came here to be. When my little guy was about 5 months old, I joined a 6 month-long mastermind to up my game and business and I am already on my second course of the year to deepen my energy work and gifts before he turns 1. The Nicole-Train is mooooving.

As a result of my continued education and development, my life purpose is becoming crystal clear and is actualizing rapidly. I have been able to release a ton of energetic gunk, including stuff from the birth itself. I feel clearer. I don't feel like I'm babbling about my business much anymore because I actually know what my purpose is and have offerings to support it. Intuition has sharpened even more. Psychic channels are opening. I'm getting visions about my future projects. I'm taking more action in creating projects in a way that feel SO good.

What about your train? Is it moving?

Are you feeling a strong need to look more inward? Reflecting more on your decisions and wants? Perhaps NEW wants, realizing that your little baby changed how you feel about things? 

What I see out there is that no one is talking about the energetic, metaphysical, and soul changes that we undergo as we acclimate to the new role as Mom, Mommy, Momma, or Momma Bear. 

I bet you have noticed that your heart has changed. The things you want are different. Maybe you feel like no one understands and suddenly it seems like your child can read your mind (yes!!) or you just KNOW things without any real reason (yes!!) or your "Mother's Intuition" is super strong. Maybe you have sought help from your husband, partner, doctor, midwife, lactation consultant, doula, therapist, women in your family, or friends, but they just don't seem to get what you're going through. 

They can't relate to the heart opening and expansion that has happened. They aren't as deep nor reflective as you. You are craving for something emotional, but cannot articulate it.

I feel it deep in my bones that so many of you need someone to voice that the changes you've undergone (and will continue to undergo) are matters of the heart and soul. You are expanding beyond your wildest dreams. The catalyst of birth brought all sorts of new possibilities to your heart. You may be able to wrap your head around some of it and some of it, not so much--and that's okay! That's the journey of life.

Know you are not alone. I feel you. I am with you. You are an amazing soul with a beautiful child that makes you feel more alive than ever before. What you are going through is growth. You will never be the same person you were before pregnancy or birth. I'm here to tell you that your soul is continuing to evolve as momma.

If things are feeling confusing, hazy, or surreal, I'll help you get grounded, clear, and process it all. You will come to appreciate your own growth just like how you do with your own bundle of joy.

I will be talking about this in greater depth in the future. **Please, I'd LOVE for you to comment below or email me. Your questions and stories will lead to the unfolding of this.**

And if you know someone you think that will love this,  please feel free to share this link with her.

Did this help you? I'd love to hear about it in the comments section below! xo



Calling on Your Baby's Spirit Team for Help

You've given this little one everything you can think of (including the space to cry and a few minutes of quiet from you) and he still has tears streaming down his face. It happens to all of us.

I want to share with you a really powerful tip for getting the help he needs... Call on his spirit team.

Spirit team? That's what I call the angels, guides, and others that help us out. Our babies have their own team with them. Yes, angels and guides are accompanying your baby in this life already. Did you know you can call on them to come help you help him?

When you get into a pinch, do you call on your own guardian angel or something similar asking for help? It's like that.

You, Momma, have the power to pray/ask for/intend that your little baby's spirit team come and help. 

It goes like this...

*<Insert baby's name>'s spirit team, please help <insert desired outcome>."

That's it. Add whatever else you'd like, but you can see how simple and straight forward it is.

From my own experience, I have found this to work without fail. I've called on them to help with getting him down to sleep. He quickly quiets and then drifts off. (Admittedly, I don't usually call them as soon as I have trouble, I wait until I'm ready to tap out. I should work on this...)

Remember that help from the team can come in many ways. It might just unfold without any effort from you or it might come in as an idea to act on. Be open to what they send your way!

Did this help you? I'd love to hear about it in the comments section below! xo


You may know from experience that when you clean out a drawer, room, closet, car, or anything else, you feel so much better. You feel clear and open. You can finally breath!

There's a reason for that. Clutter is the junkpile of energy!

Clutter is a physical representation of any of the following:

  • Indecision
  • Unfinished business
  • Holding on to the Past
  • Not Being Truthful with Yourself

When we tend to the amassed stuff that has collected, we are finalizing a lot of energy. When that stuff is present, it runs on our energy in the background. Think of it like your computer. Even if you aren't actively running it, something like your operating system still draw on the battery and is functioning. Clutter is exactly the same. Even if you aren't in the same physical space as it, it is causing a drain on your energy system. That drain shows up as stress, worry, anxiety, avoidance, tiredness among many other emotional symptoms.

So what can you do about it?

How to deal with the clutter:

  • Start. Two options to do this:
    • First option, just without notice, jump in. Tackle a drawer, top of your desk, or stack of magazines.
    • Second option, schedule it in. Make an appointment with yourself and a garbage bag.
  • While you are decluttering, say to yourself things like "I am clearing my energy", "I am making space for peace/tranquility/ease", and/or "I am making space for new good things." You can say whatever in your own words that affirms you're moving stuff out to bring in the good stuff.
  • Be real with yourself. Are you really going to wear that again? Do you love it? If you haven't touched it in ages, then you probably don't really love it that much. Chuck it and go on. Recycle what you can and garbage the rest. Wait! You could sell or donate it? See next point.
  • Get rid of it. Out of the house.
    • Selling stuff takes energy and time. Are you really going to post it and then have people meet you or come to your house? If that makes your toes cringe, just move on. If you really are going to, then cha-ching.
    • Donating stuff takes energy and time. Do you know exactly where you're going to take it? Are the drop-off hours convenient for you? Is it close? (I've seen that a lot of the clothes we donate get sold to companies who recycle it or sell it overseas. Just FYI)

I know, sometimes it's heartbreaking to throw out perfectly good stuff. It breaks my heart to think how much trash we just leave for the earth. One solution is to stop buying so much. Buy really good quality things that will last and that you'll love for a long time to come.

As an expecting or new mom, I have a few extra tips for you:

  • Return what you don't want. Even if you were to tell everyone not to buy you anything, they will (I know from experience). I'm really simple and picky, I didn't just want a bunch of stuff. I was so grateful, but honestly, it was overwhelming. And the worst part? It caused me a lot of stress. I now had to deal with the guilt of not wanting the stuff we were given. Take the merchandise credit and save it for later.
  • Identify the non-profit or resale shop where you'll take things before you even start collecting the items in bags. I mean like figure it out ASAP. Use your Facebook mom groups and ask around. Once you know what exactly you'll do with the items you no longer need or want, it is a straight shot to getting them out of your house. You've removed a tough time-consuming barrier. When that baby comes, you won't have time/energy to look into this much.
  • Keep a bag in the closet that you can immediately put clothes into that no longer fit. It's just a running collection of things. Once it fills, it's outta here.
  • It's ok to keep special outfits in a special allocated bin with lid. I found that I kept many at first and then as he grows up, I keep less and less. Those little tiny ones are extra special, let yourself hold onto what is in your heart. I keep mine in his closet for easy access.
  • Keep a running list or an Amazon Wish List so that when people can ask what they can buy you (they will), you can provide them with options of things you've already "approved." This helps to eliminate the stress of getting things you don't love. 

Did this help you? I'd love to hear about it in the comments section below! xo