Call On Your Baby's Spirit Team for Help During Pregnancy & Beyond

Baby's Spirit Team.png

Spirit team? That's what I call the angels, guides, and others that help us out. Our babies have their own team with them. Yes, angels and guides are accompanying your baby in this life already. Did you know you can call on them to come help you help him?

Step 1:

  • Say/think/intend/ask/pray: *<Insert baby's name>'s spirit team, please help <insert desired outcome>."

Step 2 (Optional):

  • Add whatever else you'd like.

That's it.

You can see how simple and straight forward it is.

Remember that help from the team can come in many ways. It might just unfold without any effort from you or it might come in as an idea to act on. Be open to what they send your way!

From my own experience, I have found this to work without fail. I've called on them to help with getting him down to sleep. He quickly quiets and then drifts off. (Admittedly, I don't usually call them as soon as I have trouble, I wait until I'm ready to tap out. I should work on this...)

This can be used during pregnancy, birth, or after your little one is born. The ways this technique can be used is endless. Rule of thumb: If you could use some help, call on his guides!

Examples of ways to use it:

  • Pregnancy
    • Concern over pre-eclampsia
    • If something doesn't feel right 
  • Birth
    • Need the baby to change position
    • Want help moving things along
  • Infancy/Toddlerhood
    • Getting them nap
    • Illness coming on

You, Momma, have the power to call on your baby's Spirit Team for help. They are able and ready to help you help your little one. 

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*Note: No techniques are intended or should be used in place of seeking proper medical care from your professional healthcare team or practitioner.*