The Soul's Evolution as a Momma

(Originally published 8-1-16)

Walking my little guy the other day, getting fresh air to clear out my energy system, I had a significantly large concept hit me.

As I watch my little boy grow up, I too, am changing. 

No one talks about this. 

I do a lot (A LOT) of blog reading and poking around on the internet and I never came across anything that mentioned this. 

It's "common knowledge" that having a baby changes you. It changes the way you feel, think, and act.

But no one talks about how we change emotionally. Or energetically. Or how the soul will continue to evolve through it all.

A lot of pregnancy, mothering, and parenting material encourage you to become the person you were pre-baby. Sound familiar?

  • You're just toting around one little person, don't give up your old lifestyle.

  • Get back into your skinny jeans.

  • Go back to being who you were.

This standard advice is incredibly shallow and superficial.

(Thank goodness, Magda Gerber's book told me that the first months of a baby life should revolve around HIM, not my agenda; that possibility resonated deeply with me.)

There is little awareness for the soul's evolution of a momma. 

My heart has undergone massive shifts and changes since the birth of my son almost a year ago. I have expanded vastly into ways I could never have anticipated. I have felt love like I have never felt before. And you think I'll go back to being me?

Not a chance.

Through his eyes I can see eternity. His smile awakens every cell in body. His giggle raises my vibration.

Prior to his arrival, I did energy work for clients and was pretty intuitive--all this has been almost 20 years in the making. So, I did the energy work during my pregnancy (and even before) to make it a wonderful, easy pregnancy and birth. And it worked beautifully.

The development of my gifts and abilities hasn't stopped at all just because I'm his mommy. In fact, I have become even more serious and intentional about being all that I came here to be. When my little guy was about 5 months old, I joined a 6 month-long mastermind to up my game and business and I am already on my second course of the year to deepen my energy work and gifts before he turns 1. The Nicole-Train is mooooving.

As a result of my continued education and development, my life purpose is becoming crystal clear and is actualizing rapidly. I have been able to release a ton of energetic gunk, including stuff from the birth itself. I feel clearer. I don't feel like I'm babbling about my business much anymore because I actually know what my purpose is and have offerings to support it. Intuition has sharpened even more. Psychic channels are opening. I'm getting visions about my future projects. I'm taking more action in creating projects in a way that feel SO good.

What about your train? Is it moving?

Are you feeling a strong need to look more inward? Reflecting more on your decisions and wants? Perhaps NEW wants, realizing that your little baby changed how you feel about things? 

What I see out there is that no one is talking about the energetic, metaphysical, and soul changes that we undergo as we acclimate to the new role as Mom, Mommy, Momma, or Momma Bear. 

I bet you have noticed that your heart has changed. The things you want are different. Maybe you feel like no one understands and suddenly it seems like your child can read your mind (yes!!) or you just KNOW things without any real reason (yes!!) or your "Mother's Intuition" is super strong. Maybe you have sought help from your husband, partner, doctor, midwife, lactation consultant, doula, therapist, women in your family, or friends, but they just don't seem to get what you're going through. 

They can't relate to the heart opening and expansion that has happened. They aren't as deep nor reflective as you. You are craving for something emotional, but cannot articulate it.

I feel it deep in my bones that so many of you need someone to voice that the changes you've undergone (and will continue to undergo) are matters of the heart and soul. You are expanding beyond your wildest dreams. The catalyst of birth brought all sorts of new possibilities to your heart. You may be able to wrap your head around some of it and some of it, not so much--and that's okay! That's the journey of life.

Know you are not alone. I feel you. I am with you. You are an amazing soul with a beautiful child that makes you feel more alive than ever before. What you are going through is growth. You will never be the same person you were before pregnancy or birth. I'm here to tell you that your soul is continuing to evolve as momma.

If things are feeling confusing, hazy, or surreal, I'll help you get grounded, clear, and process it all. You will come to appreciate your own growth just like how you do with your own bundle of joy.

If you want to immediately start feeling grounded, clear in heart and mind, come download my step-by-step clearing out process for free. In just a few minutes from now, you could be beginning a new part of your own journey.

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Lots of love! xo

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