I was cleaning out my son's room (again) trying to simplify and reduce. I came across a silk scarf and was thinking about a blog post I had seen about great open-end toys; scarves were on the list.

A scarf could be so many things: pirate headpiece, the ground for a round of make-believe with toy animals, a princess skirt, an apron for kitchen time, etc.

As I was recalling the many applications of a scarf, something came up in my system. 


The days before my quest for perfectionism, reality, and limits. The days where it was NATURALLY EFFORTLESS to turn something into something else. 

It felt amazing to bring these memories to the surface. What a treasure it was to play and BE without any concern for how well something represented something else or move me into questions in my mind like "how could I make this better? what else might work?"  that really was just turning PLAY into WORK.

I've created an energetic space for you to access "Pretend". To access it,

  1. Take a deep breath to reset yourself

  2. Imagine (yes, imagine!) connecting yourself to field (picture a blob, cube, bubble, whatever your imagination naturally comes up). For ideas on how to connect yourself, maybe you reach out a hand to touch it, draw a line, walk over to it (again, whatever your imagination or thoughts naturally come up).

  3. Just notice your immediate thoughts/memories/things you want to do now. New ideas might spring up hours or days after this too.

May your day be full of the joy and wonder of pretend!

Lots of love! xo

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