Free Healing for Mother's Day

When I was little, I thought Mother’s Day was so simple. A nice craft for mom and voila!

I know now, wearing Mom shoes, that Mother’s Day is complex.


There are women and mothers that experience situations like…

  • A perfect breakfast prepared by little hands

  • The card or note she never got thanking or acknowledging her for her endless effort of putting everything she is into raising her baby/children

  • Another reminder of the soul or souls that didn’t make it Earthside from her womb

  • Managing expectations of their mothers/sisters/MIL/SIL to have a peaceful brunch with the entire family

  • Realizing that their baby/children are yet another year older and time is ticking away. The greatest treasure is fleeting and it’s SO DANG HARD to accept that they won’t be like this forever at arm’s length ready to hug and kiss on a whim.

  • Feeling like there is a lack of progress towards their spiritual business (yes, I know how much they love your littles and wouldn't trade these moments for a single thing BUT there's sadness or even frustration that they aren't hitting the high notes right now)

So to all of you out there, I wish you the very best Mother’s Day. I see you. I know you are putting all of your evolving soul into these tiny lives. You are the best woman on the planet for the work you do day and night. You are changing the future of our planet just by being the best mom you are; these young souls will forever be imprinted with your love, leadership, and generosity.

And if you feel like you are not at your highest potential this very moment, I'm sharing one of my healings with you to use. This free healing is titled "I am a good mom."

It's power? 
- Release negative associations, memories and expectations as it relates to being a good mom
- Make space for new ideas, inspiration, patience and perspective to become more of the mom you know you can be

Happy Mother’s Day, lovelies.