Raise Your Vibration While Being a Mom

You know that time of day when your little is just having a hard time? They are tired and are running out of steam for the day?

We had the moment the other day. At the suggestion of our teacher from our “Mom & Me” class, I turned on some instrumental music. Grabbed a silk scarf and we danced.

My musical selection was actually Disney songs (orchestra style)—remember those amazing songs from Beauty & the BeastLittle MermaidThe Lion King? Those are the BEST, aren’t they??

I decided to pretend to be a butterfly as I danced. And oh my, did it feel so magical. For a moment, I totally lost the world. I watched the scarf flutter in the wind as I danced. It was beautiful and fun at the same time. I watched myself in the reflection of the TV and just had my own moment.

When we’re with our littles, we tend to get lost in them, right? It’s so easy, don’t get me wrong. But don’t forget to occasionally get lost in you.

Indulge yourself. Let your own magic sweep you off your feet. Feel the feelings that let your heart soar. 

What we encourage for our children we can easily lose for ourselves. 

This is your gentle reminder…do things for your own joy. 

Turn up your favorite music.
Twirl that body complete with tiger stripes, cellulite, and extra jiggle.
Or do whatever makes your soul feel like you’re floating and soaring!

So crank up your vibration by doing you love to do!