How to Do "Self-Care" Every Day Even When You're Busy

“Self -care is How You Live” (4:06)

Self-care becomes this untouchable thing that you can’t make the time for, the money for, or the priority for. The reality is self-care is in the choices we make every day—it’s the way you choose to live.

There are numerous ways we can delight our sense to replenish ourselves. Begin to notice which details about your day that make you happy and those that agitate or frustrate you. Once you have this awareness, you can begin to actively choose more of those that make you happy.

Don’t let “Mom Depletion” (when motherhood sucks you dry emotionally and physically) get the best of you. You’re goal as a mom is to raise amazing children who are kind, intelligent, creative, generous and independent. To get them there, you need to make sure you are filling your own cup so that you can be all that is asked of you in your heart.

In the comments, I’d love to know what you want to do for yourself to increase your self-care!