A Surefire Clearing Statement to Smash the Upper-Limits


Clearing Out in Tampa, FL

Don’t let the smile trick you; I was exhausted!

Each step was a struggle. I couldn't find my groove. Each step brought awareness for how difficult this run was proving to be. I was not gracefully finding a smooth rhythm.

I went out and cleared my energy this week and was flying solo! It was probably the fourth time in three years that I did not have my little boy and his stroller. My body has learned how to run using a stroller and so when I go without it, boy, is it a challenge!

I aired out for quite a bit before I officially began the process. And once I did, it was a very rapid sequence. I didn't spend much time at all collecting my own energy, grounding in the earth or expanding in the universe. Bing. Bang. Boom.

I was at probably 2.25 miles and began to really get tired. The lack of rhythm for the day made this outing more challenging.

When I struggle, I have a go-to clearing that ALWAYS gets me through the upper-limit that I'm hitting. I have been using this phrase since the very very beginning of my clearing runs.

Ready for it? Oh I'm so excited to share this with you. It's so good!

"I delete anything in my system that prevents me from _________."

So in my case when I'm aiming to get to the end of the sidewalk, I'll say "I delete anything in my system that prevents me from getting to the end." And I'll repeat it over and over until I feel like I no longer need to.

Sometimes I'll run it from different angles like this:
"I delete anything in my BODY that prevents me from _________."
"I delete anything in my CELLS that prevents me from _________."
"I delete anything in my BELIEFS that prevents me from _________."

It's so powerful in it's original form, but the versatility of it makes it even more punchy.

I may not always get to the arbitrary goal I set, but I can tell you, I always feel my energy shift and get closer to my goal than if I hadn't run this clearing statement.

Give it a shot when you want to push yourself just a little (or a lot) more and see if you are surprised at the energy you are able to find!


This will be another powerful tool in your tool-belt for expanding your biz and you!