Podcast Interview on the Magdalene Voices

My friend, Mariaestela, hosts a very deep thinking and talking spiritual podcast, The Magdalene Voices, and so when she invited me on, I was flattered—to say the least! (You’ve heard of Pam Grout—the author of E-Squared?? Yea, she had her on before!)

I was so excited to do this podcast with Mariaestela to talk about the spiritual side of pregnancy and raising babies (I use that term "babies" loosely--they will ALWAYS be our babies no matter the calendar). I sent my husband and little one out breakfast so I could record peacefully. It was a great time and she asked such good curious questions about the realm of my work.

Here’s some of what we talked about in this episode:
•    Who this new wave of souls are.
•    When they started coming.
•    The purposes and missions of these new souls.
•    How to connect with your unborn child, even before conception.
•    What they are here to teach you.
•    The loss of an unborn and why.
•    How to best support your baby.
•    – and much, much more…

I’m sure many of you have heard me talk about the souls coming in and what we can do for them, but Mariaestela dug in and we deepened the conversation even talking about things like pregnancy loss.

Hope you enjoy the show and hear a thing or two that resonates. If you know of another momma who could benefit from listening to this episode, please feel free to forward it on! Our kids are too amazing to leave this a best kept secret!

Find the episode link here!

lots of love! xo

P.S. If you crave some deep thinking and learning, subscribe to Mariaestela's podcast because she is always exploring such cool magical topics!

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