3 Day Challenge to Relive Pieces of Yourself

As Celine Dion once sang, "It's all coming back to me now..."

I'm opening up a free 3 day challenge...let's find the pieces of ourselves that we once had that made us feel amazing. 

Celine's song has been "plaguing" me for the past few days. I finally played it while in the shower and this challenge came in to help us all heal a little. Let's do it! If you haven't done too much energy work lately (or ever), this is an easy way to get in touch with it. 

3 Day Challenge Instructions Nov. 26-28

1. Pick a song that captures so much energy for you when times were REALLY GOOD. It doesn't matter if it is the same song each day or not.
2. While listening...
     A. Feel your energy field and body in its expanded state (the song will do this)
     B. Focus on the feelings that naturally surface: whole future in front of you, "bigness", feeling so beautiful, being in control of your life, youth, etc.
     C. Notice what you notice. Let yourself witness memories, huge feelings, inspiration, etc. 
3. Repeat on Day 2 and 3.

Let this exercise be easy, do it in the shower, before bed, etc.

Each day, you'll feel a significant part of you emerge. We are awakening something deep inside, we are stirring the soul. Let the music of your heart move you into a happier and most fulfilling time of your life.

Are you in? Will you be joining me and the other mommas who are going to take this simple step to rediscover a part of our magical selves? I hope you will and please hit reply to let me know. I'll be holding up all my mommas in some high energy these next few days!

Lots of love! xo

P.S. If you would love to learn my signature clearing out process that I teach, come download my free step-by-step instruction guide!