4 Holiday Tips to Keep the Stress Away

How are you holding up through this holiday season so far? I wanted to share a few ideas with you that might make you feel more at ease and bring more happy all month long.

  1. Don’t fret over Pinterest perfection in decor, presents, or pictures. I know you want magic and beauty for the holidays. Create what you can with the energy you have. Overextending yourself may create unneeded stress and empty your cup. Not worth it.  

  2. Less can be way more. There's beauty in simplicity. Having or doing less helps you have greater focus on the moment. Less can bring abundance in many forms like having more time to watch your child discover their own joys in this season.

  3. Put yourself and littles in a bubble of protection before entering unusual events that create chaos or are stressful. Doing this is as simple as imaging a bubble around all of you. The bubble bounces off the negative energy and keeps you energetically free of the gunk flying around. And/or, you can ask for Archangel Michael for protection from whatever you anticipate or fear you’ll run into.

  4. Be not afraid to fiercely protect things like naps or other needs your little has to be their best. Others may pressure you to "relax the rules” but if your heart says they need a nap, stick was the it. You know what they need—don’t let guilt from others get to you. 

It really is my favorite time of the year. For me, it’s about all the magic—magic of the past and present. Yesterday, I came across a folder of some old Santa letters and I sobbed. There was so much love packed in each one. I even had flashbacks remembering what it was like reading them as a child. I remember seeing this strange writing and that I couldn’t read. It was cursive! Hahaha! 

Anyway, I hope these tips help you keep a little more grounded enabling you to fully experience the holidays in this very special way with your little ones!

Lots of love! xo

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