3 Statements To Begin Energy Clearing Immediately

Clearing out while I run like a sloth in sunny tampa, FL :-)

Clearing out while I run like a sloth in sunny tampa, FL :-)

Have you ever been stuck in a place that you don't even know what to work on? So lost in confusion and stagnation that it makes it feel impossible to know how to get out of the mess and into something helpful to your cause?

If so, I have a few suggestions for you to get clearing parts of your energy out asap.

In the last step of my clearing out process (Get your "Spiritual Entrepreneurial's Guide" here, if you need the complete walk-thru of my clearing process), you personalize the clearing by "working" on the problems that are on your heart.

If coming up with something on your own feels like too much right now, I want to give you three specific things to work on clearing out. I'd love to help you start getting some momentum and seeing the results yourself of this process!

3 Statements to Begin Clearing Out Immediately
When you read these statements, do any of them hit you? Feel a pull or sense of truth about it? Or maybe feel an "oh hell yea, I totally need to work on that!"

  • I am terrified to let go of what I know for the unknown.

  • In a past life, I was a _________. I am carrying around ___________.

  • I have been suppressed and fear full expansion of my life.

How to use these statements for clearing:

  1. Ask for your clearing guide to come and assist.

  2. Once you feel them or know they are in place, pick a phrase and say it aloud or to yourself.

  3. Notice the thoughts, images, memories, or sensations you get.

  4. Let yourself be guided through the flow of whatever comes up (intel on the situation, connected fears, thoughts, or experiences, etc.).

  5. Repeat step #2 with the other statements as needed.

I hope that you find these starter sentences useful. Maybe they are exactly what you need or perhaps they are a springboard for other energy you need to release. Either way, I'm totally ok with that because I fully trust you'll get exactly what you need!


This will be another powerful tool in your tool-belt for expanding your biz and you!