Two Tips for Working Through Triggers

Do you have certain people or circumstances in your life that drive you out of your peaceful bubble? You're not alone--we all do!

Triggers are a very real part of our self-development and rising.

Can you relate to experiencing any of these when you get triggered?

  • Feel bitter or angry

  • Flared “imposter syndrome” in our craft

  • Frustrated that you didn’t take action earlier

  • Feel unheard or unseen

  • Jealousy erupts from another healer’s “popularity” or success

If you do not relate to any of those, please please please—tell us your secret 😊

We know we get triggered, we know our soul sisters get triggered, we know that our spouse gets triggered. Triggers are recognition that something within us is ready to shift or be addressed for healing. Mind you, it might not be a fast road, but addressing some aspect of ourselves when we are triggered is a very important step to our healing. One tiny step by tiny step is what it takes sometimes when a full-blown miracle will not whisk your MIL or the argumentative person in your favorite spiritual FB group away.

#1 Make Sure Your Physical Body is Well and Healthy

If you are finding that you don’t feel like you are handling triggers well, my first recommendation is to make sure your physical body is well and healthy. There could be a number of sources or depletions that cause your nervous system or gut to functional at a level that negatively impacts you. Toxic overload can also be contributing to the quick (or big) reactions you may be feeling. When we don’t feel well, we are likely not emotionally or spiritually well. I suggest getting an appointment with someone who can help you identify if there are problems. And if the idea of seeing someone triggers you, start with a session with your favorite healer. I personally experienced a massive trigger about seeing someone to help me sort out health issues. A good session of healing got me through to the next step which was with a medical intuitive and from there, I saw a functional doctor. Baby steps that were huge!

#2 Check for Expired Energy

The second recommendation is to check-in for expiration. Is there something in your energy system that is lingering for no real reason? Maybe you have worked through something for years and it was just left behind without getting the proper boot. This happened to me. I had something that should’ve been removed YEARS before but for whatever reason it wasn’t—it was a real thorn in my side though; a Soul Essence Intensive from another favorite practitioner of mine dislodged that puppy making all the world of a difference. Discern to see if the trigger is something in the now or if it is a left-over from another time and place.

Hope these tips for triggers helped you to reframe how you might go about looking at your situation so that you can feel more calm and happy!