What it's Like When I Clear Out My Energy Running

Clearing my energy while I run is my absolute go-to self-care activity. Clearing out your energy gets the emotional and spiritual stuff out of my mind, heart, and system that bog me down.

You may have this image of a graceful, perfect-form runner who gracefully glides as she spiritually gets centered. This might be someone, but this is not me.

Let me show you what it really looks like when I get out and run my clearing process.

1. Getting out of the house. I state my intention at 6:20 am that I want to go out. We don't leave until it's about 7:40. In that time, I change, pack up little dude a drink, sandwich and banana, get him dressed. And today, I knew where my only pair of running socks were, so that battle was not even in my timeline, haha. I downed a glass of juice and banana. Packed a bottle of water. I had to get out the compressor and add air to the tires. I had to go back in to add ice to the cup of pineapple juice I packed for little dude, at his request. Find him shoes. Throw the stroller in the trunk. And read a couple of messages and emails quickly before pulling out onto the road!

2. Hitting the sidewalk. Once we are there, I got out my ipod shuffle and phone for the timer (airplane mode). I started using a timer only a couple of months ago. I never ever used one before. I ran until my heart was content. Pushed myself when I felt the urged. Otherwise, I walked. I truly honored whatever came up for my body. Now, I am in a different place where I am wanting to find a different experience. I also spent time fidgeting with the strap on my stroller--I had to tuck in behind the microfiber towel I use to keep my hands from sweating terribly.

3. Interacting with other live people. Said hello to like a million people and maybe got 5 hellos back. I did get a good laugh out of a couple that I passed. I said "passing on your left...very slowly." I was glad they got a chuckle from it. :-) I did see an old man that really make me pause. I sent him my silent thanks and gratitude (he was a Vietnam War Vet according to his hat).

4. Spent time with little dude. We stopped to stretch. By "we" I mean my little dude wanted to join today. He's really awesome at waiting and hanging out in his stroller. So when he wanted to get out and be with me, I welcomed the opportunity. We found a spot to stretch and I really enjoyed the moments with him. He was showing me a thing or two ;-) If your child isn't used to long stroller walks while you clear out it, it's totally ok. Work with what you have. BE PRESENT. Don't worry if the protocol doesn't get executed perfectly.

5. Making friends! I let him play at the playground after it's over. We park there so it's a great finish to our time out. We were so fortunate today that we met new friends! The mother was super nice and warm while we chatted. I even asked her if I could get her number to meet up another day to play! (And she did so we're looking forward to that!)

My entire outing is full of non-woo person stuff. While it is a very spiritual practice for me, on the outside I look like an ordinary mom going out for a walk/run. I don't take a broomstick (that would make taking the stroller tricky) or bag up all my crystals (today I actually forgot to wear my favorite one). This is an extraordinary event that looks so mundane!

I'm a mom who is taking care of my energy so that I can heal and help those I'm meant to help. And I want to help you do that too, if you need help doing it.

My free guide giving you all the steps of the process has been updated, if you need to check that out. Or if you have it already, but are feeling a stronger calling to really expand your biz and heal more deeply so you can help those you are meant to, consider my program. It's an incredible time of integrating the mom and healer parts of you. You will expand and rise like never before.