Get My Signature Protocol as a DIY for Free

If you’ve been around a while, you know that over the summer I ran a program teaching mommas my very own clearing out protocol. The process I put on paper is one that has been my own for two years. It’s deeply transformative.

It helped me shed some serious energy backlog that made me feel stagnant and stuck around my little one’s first birthday. At one point, I couldn’t see where I wanted to go next or what I wanted to do. I wanted out of the transition I was feeling. I was a new mom with a little one, but what was next? Believe me, I soaked up all the baby, I wasn’t absent for that. It was a longing for what I was supposed to next in my life using my gifts. 

I’ve always believed I had something special inside me. I’ve always felt like an outlier and it’s only been in the last third of my life, that I appreciated and loved that part of me. 

And that something special is that I’m supposed to help you. I’m meant to share this very special “protocol” to help you get to YOU. 

You probably dabbled in YOU in your 20’s and then lost it a touch in your 30’s. Then with baby, you became more aware of that desire to find you. HOME...must find HOME. But perhaps you have no idea how to do that, let alone accelerate that endeavor.

Try my free DIY energy clearing protocol to do it!  It’s all the steps that I’ve personally gone through MANY, MANY times. And it’s the exact steps I lead my mommas through in my group program.

This special sequence will light the sparks within you that have been dormant. It will cut through the crap. The result is that you will find what you’ve been hungering for--YOU. You will let go of memories, maybe receive life-changing advice from your guides or angels, or get new awareness for your current status or situation.

Now go get clearing!! :-) 

Lots of love! xo