5 Ways to Expand Your Energy

What prevents you from expanding? Expanding your ability to receive? Expanding your client list? Expanding your relationship with your spouse? Expanding your vision of what you could do with your life?

It's easy for us to quickly point to life's circumstances as the block. "If only this..." or "If I could..." Sound familiar?

I know that when we free up energy, we can find courage, easy access to breadcrumbs, and a whole lot of creativity that leads us along.

You've done expansion before--it's how you got here! But perhaps you're currently feeling like you are in rut. Maybe your monthly money goals aren't happening or you feel like you are just hitting a ceiling--repeatedly. When we feel so stuck, it's common for our regular go-to's to not feel right for the expansion we feel like we need. So let's pause and take a few minutes to see where you might have a breadcrumb waiting. Maybe within one week, you'll break through that plateau--you won't know unless you explore!

5 Ways to Expand Your Energy

Imagine seeing yourself reaching for the ends of the universe.

This is a play straight from my clearing process protocol. Imagine that you lift yourself up out of your seat to the center of the universe and then your arms and fingers reach as far as you can go. Breathe it in like a yoga pose. Stretch, stretch, stretch! Repeat as needed.

Schedule with your favorite energy healer.

Make an appointment with your favorite energy healer or join someone's energy healing circle. Heal your wounds, clear the gunk. Move that stagnant energy.

Take a day off (or half-day or 2 hours...you get the point)

Watch your favorite shows. Take a nap. Grab paint or crayons and get your art on. Lay in the sun until you are drenched with sweat. Visit a crystal shop. Go get ice cream with a friend.

Do the things you "wish" you could if you didn't have responsibilities. Don't do errands or work. Recovery and relaxing are vital to your ability expand. We must create an open flow valve for it.

Go for a walk or run.

Another play from my clearing process protocol playbook. Get your body moving. Honestly, my runs are not smooth. It takes nearly the entire run for me to find a groove (which sometimes lasts a whooping 3 minutes--haha). But that groove makes me feel so strong and capable. It's just what I need to feel like I can do anything!

Open that course or program you never touched or finished.

Maybe now is the right time to dive into it again. Perhaps there is a big ah-ha waiting for your inside.

I hope that something in this list gave you goosebumps or hit you with nudge. I'd love to hear from you, what really spoke to you??