How to Use Past Lives to Expand Your Energy

Do you ever dive into your past lives to expand your own capacity? Or to really dig into why something has you stuck?

Past lives offer us such a powerful place to understand ourselves. We can trace our energy back to an event or part of our soul's journey that has us now running repeated patterns or triggers us BIG time. Once in that space, we can relive the downloaded details and suddenly a picture is painted that lets us make sense of what we are currently go through. With understanding, we can access self-compassion and awareness--which are two essentials parts to expansion.

What's the best way to go about digging into past lives?

You can find a past life reader or an Akashic Records reader.

Or, you can use your own gifts to go there. If doing this would take you into uncharted territory, use these steps as a guide to dig into your own past lives.

  1. Ask "Is this past life stuff?"

  2. Ask "Where on the timeline did it happen? Which past (or future) life did it occur?" Let yourself locate the point in time (it's like a nodule of energy).

  3. Download and receive the images, stories, hits, etc. Let it come in to shape up a story. Reminder: don't use your logical brain to piece things together. Allow the information to come to you organically.

  4. Ask "Is there more?"

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you feel complete.

A personal story from my own past life

This past spring, I hit a major major wall. The kind of wall that made me feel utterly powerless and clueless on what to do. I was in the midst of a major phase of an up-level--one for my physical body. I was trying to get my health optimized. I didn't like that I wasn't in full control of my own health relying on someone else (a functional doctor). I have a strong belief in self-healing which extends to my physical being. Anyway, I laid in bed wide awake in the middle of the night crying. I reached out to my European timezone friend who was awake. She held space for me that night and suggested I ask if it was past life stuff. DING DING. I went so deeply into so many different spaces of time in about 20 minutes. In one of those scenarios, I learned that men tried run me off or kill me. I was a healing witch and they tried to suppress and rid the gift of healing. UGH! No wonder I was so uncomfortable giving my power to a man who was in the medical profession.

The next day I booked a medical intuitive session. Between these two events (the past life awareness and booking a session), my energy began to move. I didn't feel so hopeless and unsure anymore.

It's so powerful to give light to these parts of our souls. The next time you are feeling stuck, triggered, or lost, look to see if it's past life stuff. You may receive just the information you need for expansion and moving forward. <3

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